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Since Feb. 2018 Rajesh Kumar Sinha approached us by proposing the $5.0M long term loan at 5.0% p.a.. | He guaranteed that the all fee payable prior to the loan disbursement was $1,320 and nothing else. | However, from time to time he brought new named fee and issued letter of guarantee stating, “immediately after the borrower paid the fee, the loan shall be disbursed within 3 hours….”. The same repeated 15 times. He sent 3 times the fake wire transfer confirmations sometimes from Wayne Bank and other times from Chase Bank but those were nothing but fake and no actual transfer of loan funding had taken place. | What’s worse, he started to state, “Wire transfer instruction had been made already, but if you don’t pay the “Transfer authorization fees such as $2,500, it cannot be validated and must be cancelled.”. | He pretended as if he were a legitimate lender registered in California but his resiter number was not found in the California State Corporation Office. | We were obliged to make payment of “upfront fees” over 16 times from process by process, but he never delivered the loan fund. The person Rejesh K. Sinha seems to be from India but it seems he also related with Nigeria.


  • Name: Rajesh Kumar Sinha
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Petaluma
  • Address: 1900 Sestri Ln #138
  • Phone: 909-536-1320
  • Website:

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