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Randy Kelly reached out to me via Facebook in January 2018. I informed him first that I am married & not interested in any relationship. He has 2 very cute little kids, raising them alone. He claimed to be an Engineer from Toronto, Canada, working on a job in Turkey. Soon he began having lots of problems & said his HSBC Bank in Canada suddenly locked him out of access. That’s when he began to ask for help to leave Turkey, and relocate to Spokane , Wa, USA / which happens to be 25 miles from my home. He used the 2 little kids as pawns, they’re both sick & need to come home. He promised on their lives to pay me back w interest if I would help him. The kids got to me.So I began sending money; of course more & more problems arose , needing more money from me.. He at times, was very nice, but he also had a very mean side. He caused me to be emotionally involved/ with his children, and then the more in debt I was to him, the more frantic I became to get my money returned.. This went on for 5 mos, even the last 2 mos when I finally refused to send more money. It all ended last week, I tried to send him final 2K to get them home, and was blocked to wiring services. He became very angry, and told me how stupid I was, then blocked me on Messenger, and disappeared from Social Media, and stopped answering my emails. Thus I was scammed out of 34,000 US dollars… I am so angry.

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By Tucker

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