Relief Advisory for Fannie Mae Loans Review


I received a letter in the mail saying I must call this number immediately upon receiving this notice. Letter says I am prequalified for a refinance loan of $293,901 or more with a payment of $1,112 or less. Can find nothing on this phone number. In a box at the bottom of the letter it says, "You can choose to stop receiving pre-screened offers of credit from this and other companies by calling toll-free 888-567-8688. See the prescreen & Opt Out notice on other side for more information about prescreened offers." Funny thing is, when I called that number to remove myself from any further mailings from this "company" a recorded message explained I would be removing myself from all mail……it was weird. I hung up. I guess if I receive future mailings I’ll just keep reporting them! *There is lots of small print on the front and the back

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By Tucker

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