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Sam Leman Automotive Group Sexist, Discriminating, Man-Driven Only dealership Bloomington Illinois!!. One of the Sales Reps thought it was okay to decide that since I was a woman I was not smart enough or capable enough to handle purchasing a car on my own. I OBVIOUSLY need my husband to help me. The Sales rep went out of his way to call my husband and asking him about what I was looking for. Aparantly the Sales rep thought it was okay to cut me out of the loop of MY business transaction. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM SAM LEMAN!!If you are a woman don’t expect to be able to buy a car on your own. The sales rep will call your husband and talk to him instead of talking to you. This is the most SEXIST dealership ever! if you want to talk to a sexist, man-driven, doesn’t think women can think for themselves, car dealership then you have found the right one to buy your car from.
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