San Diego Bay Animal Hospital Review


On two separate occasions, I have scheduled emergency visits at this location. Both times the “vets” here have tried to pressure me into allowing them to perform surgery on my dog when it was completely unnecessary!! One time my dog was wheezing and the other time I later learned he had a parasite, but they were trying to convince me he ate something that was blocking his intestines. They got me to pay hundreds of dollars for blood test and scans that did not show any intestinal blockages, yet they kept insisting that my dog would die if I don’t let them operate. Ironically it was actually the opposite – they’re the ones putting innocent lives at risk!!! I would NEVER allow these greedy monsters near my dog again! They tried to take advantage of my love for my pup and con me into letting them cut him open for no reason. The worst part? They perform surgeries on dogs and keep them at the vet overnight even though it is not open 24 hours and they never have staff work nights shifts. Leaving sick pets who have just gone through an operation alone for 8+ with no one to check on them is truly cruel and inhumane. They’re too greedy to pay staff to attend to pets overnight but still want to be able to charge thousands of dollars for surgeries. I don’t even understand how they are licensed… How can anyone who claims to love animals be so willing to threaten their lives for money? I’ll never understand this heartlessness. Do not trust these people with your pets life!


  • Name: San Diego Bay Animal Hospital
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Diego
  • Address: 3681 Sports Arena Blvd
  • Phone: 619-481-3007
  • Website:

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By Tucker

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