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Complaint: Sandra Dezelan is a deceitful, cunning liar! An evil person who enjoys spreading personal information on myself for an event that occurred in my personal life almost 5 years ago. Why would someone steep that low to try and harm another individual? Why would someone go to the extreme that Sandra Dezelan, founder of Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue go to? Sandra has continously lied in the Courts in Palm Beach County. Sandra Dezelan attempted to obtain a restraining order on myself, claiming I was driving by her rescue and stalking her. Sandra Dezelan claimed I owned a gun back in March of 2016. Sandra Dezelan claimed I was going to kill myself, therefore I was going to kill myself. Of which none of this is true. I never owned a gun back then. Here is the million dollar question. How can one do all that, living 800+ miles away? How can someone that Sandra Dezlean claims (in this case, myself) is wanting to kill her, when I was living in another State for a full 6 months. September 23, 2015 to be exact is when I left South Florida. What type of human being marches into a Court house to file such a bogus claim? My answer is, a sick, demented individual. Sandra has had altercations with others when it comes to questioning her way of rescuing. Sandra’s response is to bully and harass the indivudual by throwing out the “I am going to sue you”” threat! Perfect example is of the taped recording where Sandra Dezelan threatens Joan Ellis with a lawsuit. This is a taped recording that myself and others have. Perfect example is of the anonymous complaint above. No

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Website: I applaud them whole heartedly. Maybe

Phone: you are wrong again. I did not write that complaint

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  • This is all the crazy dealings of Darcy Buttkus.. look her up. .. she had been bakeracted and has sued and lost to numerous rescues. This is a total lie, everyone knows it. She needs to give it up and quit harassing Sandra and legit rescues. I hope you burn in hell Darcy.. you have not only ruined people’s lives but the lives of the poor animals they rescue.

  • Except you were baker acted for calling the cops talking naked to god, in your house. You have been sued 4 times successfully by rescues.

  • So Let’s address this piece by piece Darcel. You lied to Georgia authorities to illegally obtain your conceal and carry thus allowing you to get a gun because you have disclose to authorities that you had a mental health hold with in 5 years which you lied. The baker act in question was you calling local cops while you were naked and hadn’t slept in days confused and claiming you were talking to god, while your poor husband was beside himself. It seems you are at that point by the fact you are still obsessed with Sandra.
    Again you made a scene at a rescue meeting attacking Sandra Dezelan. I find it odd that you are still committing slander and stalking her. When you had Ana Campos look through her windows at her rescue and take pictures, while you were on the phone with her and another individual was with you in a car.
    I suspect another mental health hold is in your near future especially when you feel the need to have 27 Facebook profiles to stalk, all which you have had to disclose in court.
    Keep trying to deny you are innocent. Everyone knows otherwise.

By Tucker

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