• Yep, I dated Sherry Gulley, in Mobile , Alabama.
    She was a cheater. Very weird in ways. Feel sorry for her “husbands” and any man who dates her.

  • If this is the same Sherry G. Also known as Sherry Walker, 50 year old pharmacist at Providence Hospital in Mobile, Al. I slept with her for two months while she was married with last name Walker. What an easy desperate old woman.
    I’m just a younger nurse and she approached me.
    Nasty old woman. I didn’t know she was married for two months! Ughhhhhh

  • When you actually know Sherry Gulley and the real story…the actual facts, you laugh when you read this BS. You immediately ask yourself if this is the one of the exes or both (that actually happen to be the guilty party in this situation) posing in order to spread this garbage. Seriously guys it’s not a good look on you!

By Tucker

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