Shoreline online llc Review


They called me and had all my personal information. My identity has been stolen so I know my personal info is floating everywhere. They said they have my bank information,my job information. So I had to change a lot in my life. Shoreline llc, said that I owe $380, and $480 since year 2011. Plus they said I got another loan on the 27th of this year. Of $680. I told them I do not have a loan online. I was asked how am I going to pay them?, I said I would like to talk to there fraud department. They said that I can do it on my own. If I don’t call them back I will be sued. They also said that they are joining with Vista Holdings group,another creditor. All she said was her name is Becky . With forward movement company. They call me everyday. With all my personal info,and threats. It’s really tiring knowing that you have no online loans.

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By Tucker

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