South Bay Expressway Santee California Review


On 6.17.2012 I got off took a wrong exit and not familiar with the area, 125 Toll area in South Bay. I was frustrated that I had to go several miles before being able to turn around. As I got to the exit, I saw the toll charge. I gathered change and paid bills and change. I immediately returned and had to pay another $2.50. I was out of change, so put it on my credit card. I received a green light both times. Last week I got a Toll Evasion nitice with balance of $64. I immediately sent a reply or dispute, and they replied with a reduction of $10.00. I can not find out how to appeal at this point. I even have a witness that was in the car with me and helped me gather change.

1129 La Media Rd Internet United States of America


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By Tucker

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