Staff Sergeant Michelle L. Krafjack


Michelle L Krafjack is a Staff Sergent in the United States Marine Corps who is working as a recuriter for Glenn Burnie in Maryland. she tried to sell me on joining United States Marine Corps. Once she has all my personal information I started to received credit card bills of spending over 3,000 dollars at online stores. She quickly blocked my numbers and ways to contact her. She disappeared quickly. She is a scam artist, liar and manipulator. She is abusing her power of being in the service to get what she wants. Avoid at all cost.


  • I know who you are. I’ve never stole from anyone. You spelt Glen Burnie and recruiter wrong. You have issues. Clearly you are obsessed with me. It’s cool. I got you.

  • Spell Glen Burnie properly! Clearly you are not from where I work or my state. People who live someplace do not spell their hometown incorrectly. I don’t steal from kids or people. Have no fear, when your kids turn 18 they can see pictures of your weird ass digging through trash and taking inappropriate photos in bed of their father and your dirty body with some other woman’s things. I got you. Say less. If it’s your friends have no fear. I got them too in ten years. It’s okay keep slandering me. Cause your bored and just waiting to get knocked up again to collect a check.

    • Your a sick psychotic lunatic that needs help. The fact that you are describing minors in a graphic way and stating “18 years old” as an excuse for your disturb message is extremely uncomfortable and horrifying.

By Tucker

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