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Complaint: sugarandspice0711 sold an item to me for a specified price. Instead of sending the item after I paid them, sugarandspice0711 decided to keep it and sent me a message to say their water heater exploded and ruined all of their merchandise. However, none of their other merchandise for sale was taken down. I aksed them to send a picture of the ruined item and they refused. Intead, sugarandspice0711 feigned offense and indignation saying that I called them a ‘liar’. I explained that it would be easy for them to just send a photo of the ruined item and was met with the same type of deflection/refusal. Gosh, they even said their neighbors things were ruined by the water heater explosion. Hm…that mey be but why not send a picture of my damaged item? Sugarandspice0711 said all of their items were ruined, yet the other items were still for sale. Sugarandspice also told me to go ahead and complain because it will not hurt their business one bit. So, here I am…letting the online world know that sugarandspice0711 doesn’t care about wasting your time or money as they believe their reputation, and business, to be untouchable by meaningless customers… I’m sure I will get a refund eventually, but if they spend so much time and effort to so adamantly deflect instead of being honest, what else will they lie about? It’s a waste of a customer’s time and money to deal with this type of seller. Other purchasing opportunities will pass you by while you think your item is being sent, and they are holding your money.

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