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This company called me and said they owed me money for work done on my computer but they had to remove software first. Then they said that they had to have my bank name, account number, etc. and that they would send me a money order for $2000 but I to cover it with them before they could send it. Somehow they hacked into my computer and started messing around with programs etc. and then they locked it completely so I could not get in it and said until I paid them they would not unlock it. This went on for 4-5 hours. I told them I had no money, gave them a name of a bank that I don’t have an account in etc. Finally the guy called me back and said they were unlocking my computer and removing themselves from remote control — which I haven’t a clue how they got to begin with — I did not authorize it.Do not EVER give someone authorization for remote access. I finally think this is over with them when they realized I wasn’t giving them any money and any information. Still not sure how they hacked into my computer but all is well again today.This happened 2-15-2018

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By Tucker

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