Thanh Mai LLC Sioux Falls South Dakota


Complaint: This a small grocery store and they all way rip off me. How they do it? Here how: * If you buy multiple items they will charge you more then what you actually bought (let say you buy 12 items, she may check out 14 items if you not looking. Note the receipt doesn’t show what they are) * Now if you buy only a few items, she may give you a short change (like $5 short if you not count your change) This happened to me multiple times now, and every time I caught her she just say sorry for her mistake but I know better then that Again because this is a small Vietnamese grocery store and the most of customer are Vietnamese and Mexican we all have hard time with English, so no one speak up, but every small dollar add up a lot even just 10-20 customer a day.

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: 824 East Rice Street Sioux Falls, South Dakota United States of America



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