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I have bought several pairs of skis from this shop over the past 5 years. | NEVER AGAIN. | This shop went under new ownership last ski season when Brian bought the place — what a nightmare ever since. | His own employee – Zack told me that he is notorious for being bad with communiction…. I dropped my skis off early april when a pair of my rossignol soul 7’s broke from a manufacture flaw in the top coating and water got under it…..when i dropped them off Brian told me he would be working all summer and he wouldnt be hard to get in touch with….. i have email messages from this summer and i called several times — no replies… no call backs….. and here we are the end of November and Brian is trying to place blame 1st telling me that one of his prevous employes Van dropped the ball on this, and he told me i dropped the skis off with Van — WRONG…. i dropped these skis off with Brian and i stood there and talked to him for 30mins about the ski business. | Now it is almost December and i still dont have my skis…. he keeps placing blame elsewhere….. 1st it was his employee Van, then it was rossignol beause they are busy, then he told me i need a receipt in order for rossigold to do anything — after 7 months telling me 2 days before i leave a ski trip to colorado that i need a recipet LOL….. really ? | This place is a joke — i will never do business here again and will never walk in their door. | bad business, bad owner, stop placing blame elsewhere my friend !! or you will have 1 more shop go out of business similar to what happened to your last shop i’m guessing. | SO DISSAPOINTED !! | SHOP Elsewhere — There are other local ski shops that need the business


  • Name: The Ski Shoppe LTD
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maryland
  • City: Reisterstown
  • Address: 202 Main St
  • Phone: 410-833-1101
  • Website:

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