• Kelly Sanchez, an interpreter did not show up at Jefferson court on October 10, 2016. Terry sued them and won a lot of money for no interpreter on October 10, 2016. Richard and Doris wore their black leather jackets and walked like azzholes on the same day. Doris needs to check on her favorite yellow paper. Bill and Terry already celebrated. Gone now Poof ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Doris F*cks her brain.

    No More Peggy, Doris!
    January 30, 2021
    I ll get you for Peggy

    Doris, is“disturbing” enough mentally to everyone. Doris is a sick fu*king person. Doris has a lot of problems starting with her mental state. It’s really screwed up big time. Keep Peggy s name out of internet. She is gone to heaven. Doris fu*cks her brain out.

  • Doris campagna, can you lose your obsession with us and stop living just to stalk and harass us once and for all?

By Tucker

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