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Complaint: Numerous construction issues which have been communicated to the builder and not repaired. Upstairs Air Conditioning system undersized. Concrete cracked and full of paint spots. Moldings, walls and ceilings poorly finished. Bathtubs installed incorrectly as per manufacturer and making cracking / popping sounds. Alarm wiring to detached garage exposed rather than thru wall and underground. As per Owens Chimney Fireplace is a fire hazard, flue pipes installed incorrectly and other issues. Downspout drainpipes less than 1 inch below grade and run uphill. Electrical ceiling boxes broken and lights falling down from ceilings. Contract states hardwood floors but contractor installed engineered floors instead. Incorrect porch installed on house due to molding issue on exterior of windows which could have been easily changed to proper moldings. Recessed lights in kitchen crooked and run in a wavy line. Hot water heater overflow pan pipe broken and water runs down wall into bathroom downstairs causing mold in wall and ruined Engineered floor. Exterior siding cracked in multiple locations. Interior doors not square in frame causing gaps and popping when opened. Exterior garage lights installed at different heights and contractor moved mounting bracket above electrical box as a repair – bracket no longer mounted to box. Surround sound system installed with Cat5e network cable rather than speaker wire. Garage doors wired with Cat5e network cable rather than Bell wire and have bad pairs. Road repair work substandard and drastically pose risk to children – road was perfect pre construction. Lightning arrestor ground connected directly to house grounding system in contrast to NFPA 780 section & which state “Each ground conductor shall terminate at a ground terminal dedicated to the lightning protection system”” and “”Electrical system and telecommunication grounding electrodes shall not be used in lieu of lightning ground electrodes”” respectively. Hot water system design causes almost 5 minute wait for hot water in guest bath causing undue strain on Septic. Hot water tank should be centrally located rather than house opposite end. Column in Kitchen crooked. Builder cost us well over $5

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Address: 000 in rental and storage fees due to promise of home delivery on August 20th 2011 while actual delivery was October 2011. Builder cost us extensive time and angst due to ongoing construction post close thus having an impact on our entire family including special needs child.”


Phone: 2649 Breckonridge Centre Dr. Suite 104 Monroe, North Carolina USA

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