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Amador Molina, known as Vanimesole, is a custom shoe artist. He draws custom shoes based upon his client’s ideas. However, he rarely, if ever, lives up to his orders. I paid him in advance for the full shoe. I asked him the turn around, and he told me 2-3 months. I waited a year for the shoes, and he chose to ignore me when I contacted him, or would make up excuses to not get me my shoe. Finally after being sick of it, I asked him for a refund. The refund itself, also took months. Once again, he made up excuses and reasons to not refund me. After much pestering, he finally refunded me my 150, but this was after a year of waiting. After being so frustrated by him, I looked him up and noticed that there are more customers than just me that has been scammed by him. In fact, by my count, the number of people who have had money taken by him is up in the 50s. I met a girl who ordered from him 5 years ago and spent 1000 dollars!! She STILL hasn’t seen a single item she ordered or a cent back.

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By Tucker

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