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I went to timesharing seminar to spend 90 mnts with them and in return they promise that they will give me free vouchers for 7 nights cruise and two Air line tickets for two adults .When I saw these vouchers they were not free instead for 7 night cruise they were asking money order for $99.00 and for Air line tickets for two adults they were asking $75.00 money order which they say are refundable .I have sent them two money orders for $75.00 and $99.00 .I have waited for one month and got no response from them so I start calling them at the number provided on the voucher ,but every time I called either the number is busy or there is recording .There is no live opereator they gave me the option of leaving the message if I have any question , but never returned any of my call . I dont know how to communicate with them .All I want is my money back from these people

4606S.Clyde Morris Blvd,suite 1P Port Orange, Florida United States of America


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