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Complaint: On Tuesday afternoon, January 9, 2007, while in route home on Interstate 20, from working at Club Car in Evans Georgia. I decided to stop at the Waffle House, located at 2101 Washington Rd in Thomson, Georgia. Upon coming into the parking lot, there were 4 cars (not including mine) in the parking lot. There was a Caucasian woman talking outside the front door with another Caucasian woman . Both women saw me pull in and the one, began to leave. I entered the Waffle House at 4:13PM, and noticed 1 African-American woman sitting in a booth. There were no other customers inside the Waffle House. The Waffle House employees consisted of 1 Caucasian woman and 1 African-American young man. The woman wore a Salesperson badge, the young man Did NOT have any badge that I could see. I did not see any other employees. I sat at the front counter where I was met by the white Caucasian woman, who gave me a menu, silverware and napkin. I placed my order with her. The young man was sitting at a table reading an Augusta Chronicle Newspaper, approximately 12 feet from me. Upon taking my order, the woman turned to the young man and began calling out my order. The young man abruptly stopped her and stated He wasn’t cooking and that he Wasn’t cooking my order. The woman asked him to look at me and make that statement. He looked, then threw the newspaper down, and angrily went to the stove to begin preparing my order. The other African-American lady could hear the young man’s statements.I was immediately embarrassed and upset that these statements were made: (1.) In front of me, by a Waffle House Employee, (2.) In front of another customer, (3.) No apology was given to me or the other customer. It was just shrugged off. The young man waited on the other African-American customer by getting her drink refills and asking her if she needed anything else. I was never asked these questions by the young man, who was working on the other side of the counter from me. Upon completion of my order the young man left the room and I never saw him again. I paid for my order with a credit card, processed at 16:42:37 for $7.42. I feel racial discriminated against by his comments and actions while I was in this Waffle House restaurant on January 9, 2007.I feel embarrassed by his actions in front of me and the other customer while I was in this Waffle House restaurant on January 9, 2007.If this situation had been reversed, I know that a racial discrimination lawsuit would be imminent.Neither employee offered an explanation nor an apology at all. George Devereux, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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Address: 2101 Washington RD Thomson, Georgia U.S.A.



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