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Gorilla Playsets


Bought a Gorilla Play set for our child’s birthday from We ordered it in enough time to have it set up as a surprise and the product was NEVER delivered. We found the item on CraigsList and were referred to the website to purchase. We believe they are just cutting and pasting pictures […] View the Scam Report for Gorilla Playsets on at...

Doctor James L. Schaefer, PsyD


Beware of a psychologist by the name of Doctor James L. Schaefer, License 16197, at Associates in Clinical Psychology in Calabassas, California.Doctor James L. Schaefer is a dangerous, sleazy sexual predator who gets sexually involved with his patients and causes them more trauma than any rapist.Doctor James L. Schaefer is an unethical rat who cares […] View the Scam Report for Doctor...

Vrej Davoudi/Davoudian


Beware this man is an abuser, a thief, a cheater and a pathological liar. He says that he is Christian but he really is not. He is a Muslim from Iran.At first, he appears very friendly , generous and honest when you first meet him, but watch your back, he took her identity.He borrowed a […]

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bridget Lynn Massey is a LONG TIME Scamer..acts as a CPA in Fort Lauderdale Florida and Pleaded Guilty to Grand Thief Felony after she Embezzled over $40,000.00 from home owners and was sentenced to 10 years in a Broward County Court

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Bitcoin Reviewer is not doing anybody in the Bitcoin and online gambling community any favors. I can’t believe they still exist, but I guess it’s easy to guess what’s going on – they are owned by one of the Bitcoin casinos listed on their site and they get paid for every review they post for […]

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David Vladimir


David Vladimiris a lier. I contacted him regarding a house and he show us couple of the houses. When I finally choose one he said in order to buy this I need to a cashier check of $xxxxx. That I don’t have tosh are with anyone.

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Fard Shah


Do not do business with this scammer he ran bogus checks thru my account and now I am being investigated for fraud, he claimed he would get me business funding but that never happened now I am left with more debt to clean up than before! If you run across this scam artist please run […]

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Darci Gottlieb Group Sales Manager Bloomingdale’s Century City


Darci Gottlieb, a known prostitute from her days at UC Santa Barbara, currently works at Bloomingdales in Century City at 10250 Santa Monica Blvd as a Group Sales Manager in the Women’s Ready to Wear. She is a liar, con artist, thief and likely has a criminal record. She us known to steal merchandise, customer […] View the Scam Report for Darci Gottlieb Group Sales Manager...

Derma Essence Anti Aging Skin Cream


Derma Essence Anti Aging Skin Cream Said it was free with only shipping charges, then in 3 weeks charged my checking acc. $84.00 don’t know Nationwide!! when i ordered it said a free sample, pay shipping only. now on my checking acc. they have charged me $84.00 for the free sample. called they said it […] View the Scam and Fraud Alert for Derma Essence Anti Aging Skin Cream on...

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