2 fat guys automotive

2 fat guys automotive

2 fat guys automotive My advice; stay away Boerne, Texas!!. In my opinion, be very careful if choosing this business. I had my daughter’s Jeep Wrangler towed here on recommendation from the San Antonio Jeep club. What a mistake. I told them I wanted it completely checked over and a new motor installed with fuel injection (quoted as $4000 elswhere). They did a complete check, said I didn’t need a new motor and sent me a list of several other things that needed fixing (in their opinion). It came to $4595. Since it was for my daughter, I said go ahead, but do things right. I was charged for a battery that was still good and had 3 years left on the warranty, cleaning the air filter and replacing it with a new one, and replacing radiator hoses that were already newly replaced. I let that slide, hoping things would get better. After several weeks, they said it was ready. My daughter picked it up and barely made it 30 miles. It was missing, shaking, and had no power. She called them up and they towed it back to the shop. They claimed the floor mat was under the gas pedal, it didn’t reach that high, and that explained no power. They fooled with it some more, called and said it was ready. Sill missed and ran poorly. Back to them it went again. Oil leaks were obvious, but they couldn’t seem to find them. They said they had replaced the timing chain and gears, and new seals on the transmission, along with a transmission service. Now they said I had a bad hose coming from the breather so they replaced that. Picked it up, but still the same problems. Back it went. This time they still couldn’t find any oil leaks but said I needed a new intake manifold, that this one was cracked. After being charged around $400 for a used manifold ( $79 from a junk yard). They finally said the front seal in the transmission was bad and would replace it for only $150. Well, they did pull the pump and replace the front gasget, but failed to look at the back of the pump and notice that that gasket and the main seal were also bad. I ended up taking it to a tranmission shop to have those replaced. More money spent for poor work from 2 fat guys. They also said that the vacuum pump was bad on my front differential and it should be replaced with a manual line. He said it was about $100, so I said ok. Got the bill for that and it turned out to be almost $540. From what I have gathered since, he disconnected the vacuum line to that switch when they installed the fuel injection, and didn’t hook it back up. Final status, Over 2 months at his shop, taken back 3 times for repairs, Over $6400 in bills and it still doesn’t run correctly. We did run into a person who live in Boerne this week and asked her what they knew about this garage. She said they had never heard anything good about them and apologized for them. I should have realized that the F rating from the BBB was an indication. I can’t tell you they are dishonest, or don’t have a clue what they are doing, but I will never have a good word for them.

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