21st Century Auto Group

21st Century Auto Group

21st Century Auto Group $4k added to listed price, 8 weeks still no title/registration/bill of sale. springfield New Jersey!!. I drove 7 hours to purchase a vehicle they listed at $26,000. When I started talking money, they said the $26,000 they listed on the website was the price if you qualified for all of their “discounts.” They said this was stated on the website. If you look carefully it mentions discounts, but doesn’t say that the price they list on the website is the price AFTER all of those rebates. The price was under book, but they added about $4000 onto the price of it (Their disclaimer does not indicate this much money added if you add up all of their “discounts”). I left feeling like Id been robbed. 8 days before the temporary plate expired, I tried to register the vehicle, only to find out there was no copy of the title, no bill of sale, no statement for taxes paid, etc. (First time buying my own vehicle, they rushed me out the door, it was 10 pm on a Saturday, lots of things I could have done better). I called and they told me all that would be taken care of, and everything Id need would be mailed to me, and Id be all registered in Maine and be good to go. LONG story short, since my temporary plates expired, I’ve been calling them every couple days. Nothing has been sent to me, I’m still without the title. No sign of any registration, plates, anything. I bought the vehicle October 24th, it’s now December 14th. When I call the DMV department there, the woman who runs it tells me she’ll check on my paperwork and call me back and update me. This happens every few days. I’ve NEVER been called by the dealership, not once. They also like to tell me every week or so that they “just mailed it out” and that I should get it in a few days. They’ve been saying this since before my temporary plates expired. I called the vehicle manufacturer and gave them the VIN, and they said they have no paperwork of it existing in the United States, and called it an “Illegal Vehicle” and suggested I call a lawyer. I called the bank I’m financed through and they have no copy of the title. When I call the DMV department there now, I get either “we mailed it out last week, it should be there in a day or two” or the woman who works there cant be found. I called once at 2 pm and they said they’d check into the paperwork, and get back to me. I asked when they’d call, and they said under an hour. I waited until 3 pm, and I CALLED THEM back and was told that department had gone home. I spoke to a manager (the once I’ve managed to do so) and he told me it was unheard of to have gone this long without registration materials, and went to go speak with that department (who I had just been told went home). He said the paperwork would be overnighted. That was November 19th, its now December 14th, and I still have seen nothing from them. If you’re willing to go through this, by all means, buy a vehicle from them. I wanted to show my vehicle to my family when I went home for thanksgiving, but being unregistered and un-inspected didn’t allow that. Now Id like to bring it home for Christmas to show the family, and its not looking like that will happen either. Ive got reports in with the Attorney General’s office and the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission.

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