24HRMOBILEDI24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWINGESELREPAIRS & TOWING 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie, Chris Stratton www.24HRMOBILE.COM,www.24hrrepairs.inc American Greed Fraud Scam Steven Imperato, (800) 567-7529 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING Levittown New York!!. American Greed Fraud Scam Steven Imperato, (800) 567-7529 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING American Greed Fraud Scam Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie, they lives in 14 Clay Lane Levittown, NY 11756. and Chris Stratton of New York, are 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING notorious scammers. stolen millions of dollars using “sting operation from truck driver and car drivers,” tactics phony truck repair shop / breakdown services operations, to con drivers out of millions of dollars in stolen goods and cash operation nationwide using consumers credit cards and checks. those italians american criminals are after semi truck drivers, cars drives, truckers, motorist on the road and repair shops and towing companies a major nationwide scam It’s all start when i call this number (800) 567-7529 big mistake talk to Steven Imperato he asked me to pay the first $125.00 for the first hour for my truck repair and I should pay the rest to the mechanic when the work is done, that was smooth scam move by this con artist Steven Imperato he use to work at 1800imstuck as vice president another corporation that was busted for scamming truckers on the road, This is where Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie, Chris Stratton got the idea of making money doing nothing simply scamming truckers trucking companies, and trucks drivers on the road that need mechanic or towing services, now he launch new scam for cars drivers that need repairs services on the road thats together with the truck repair scam that he been involved in the past 4 years with vinny those guys are serious criminal operating just like Mafia online.it’s time to expose those criminals and bring them to criminal justice Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie, Chris Stratton, they are online predators who looking to take your money just to make phone call to real mechanic shop and than get you in hot water with the shop that don’t know anything about the payment you all ready pay those guys scamming you for the first hour $125.00 to do nothing they also scam the mechaincs there is many reasons why 1800imstuck not in business anymore they scammed people in the millions of dollars and now the students Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie, Chris Stratton try to do the same make money scamming customers on the road and repairs shop.Any shop that they send out to repair your truck trailer or car have no relationship to 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING and shop even reports that this company all ready did scam services call this to them several times in the past few years. They send them on road service and customers are not willing to pay any additional costs on top of what 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING all ready charge them over the phone. Some fact about 1800imstuck that Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie,and Chris Stratton was part of the scam and the rip off of peopke for some 4 years Steven Imperato was so proud to use the term vice president like it was some kind of medal of honor to work for that scam corporate who shout down and run way with millions of dollars of hard working americans, now acording to is facebook profile is a owner a big boss at 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING just another scam business that he run. Steven Imperato is just like a monkey (literally), A monkey see monkey do he so the other monkey Viny and copy everything about him from 1800imstuck incorporated scam to 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING SCAM incorporated here some links for the reviews in the past and nowrevudio.com: www.revudio.com/1800imstuckYellowpages :www.yellowpages.com/nationwide/mip/1-800-im-stuck-467-8825-464559598BBB www.bbb.org/new-york-city/Business-Reviews/towing-automotive/1-800-im-stuck-corp-in-woodbury-ny-130373/ they got FYelp: www.yelp.com/biz/1800-im-stuck-plainviewFacebook: www.facebook.com/pages/1800imstuckcom/142169709128660 or just google this 1800imstuck reviews and you will see over thosands of bad reveiews and now they do it all overagain with Steven Imperato, (the CEO) Melany Pouchie (The Soon to Be wife of the CEO),and Chris Stratton (The Closer the guy that work extra hours with steven to rip off more customers) with new company name 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING have tons of bad reviews and credit card fraudulent charges. CLASSIC BAIT AND SWITCH….They will quote you something and then the road service that you paid for shows up and will say that they have no affiliation with 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING and you will have to pay DIFFERENT PRICES… you will try to call 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING to ask why the prices are different and they will tell you a completely different story….and at the end will tell you that if you do not pay the bill (whatever the amount is- – my case TRIPLE THAN INITIAL QUOTE) they will call the police and will have your car impounded….so good luck with this guys….for me….NEVER AGAIN… here some fact about 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING scam they are not true mechanics they are not licensed or insured. they record your calls so you can’t get refund using your credit card just so they can call other company to do the dirty work for them and put in bad situation when you say i all ready pay for the service call the vendor they send out charge you again for service call just differnet rate, you basically pay for idiots who are not even local in town where you breakdown to make free call for you to some local repair shop that they search online, when you can actually do it youself for free, FALSE ADVERTISING – they say they are mechanics and they are not. they just call center in New York that have no knowledge in repair nothing. not even the most basic skill. they runing website and online advertising using pay per click by google yahoo, bing, yellow pages etc.. FRAUD – they charge your credit card before any service complete telling you that the call is recorded so you can’t dispute the charges let me tell you you can dispute the charge by simply calling your credit card company and filling police report. up to six month from the day you been charge on your credit card. Make sure you understand the disputes process, laws and your rights! BAIT AND SWITCH a selling method in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced product but then is encouraged to buy a more expensive one SCAM – Con artists can trick you out of your money by taking advantage of any weaknesses they can discover. Learn about con artists and con artist tactics. A confidence artist (or con artist) is an individual, operating alone or in concert with others, who exploits characteristics of the human psyche such as dishonesty. Here are some FACTS they all graduated school of scam runned by vinny vescova this guy is a convicted criminial with tons of misdemeanor’s. Steve Imperato was his second at 1800imstuck corporation position has of a vice president, since 1800 imstuck shutdown Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie, Chris Stratton are all active criminial same scam has 1800IMSTUCK used to be they are using several different names and company names. Second fact anyone ask for money up front for truck and car repair over the phone don’t make any payment like your credit card information, they will sell your credit card information to a third party Please Be Aware! Third Fact: Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie live at the address below please read, they are engaged – Are the new Bonnie and Clyde of the trucking business, Rising Stars of the Criminal World on line. Also they are purchasing tons of vehicles like hummers, Lamborghini’s, Volvo, Toyota, spending your money on lavish vacations. Living the life MAFIOSO’S. Modern New York Gang! STEVEN IMPERATO FAVORITE DRINK IS PATRON, MELANY LIKES diamonds and expensive jewelry, They willing to continue on there Scams to have a lavish life style. They won’t stop at nothing to continue scamming truckers and shops Chris Stratton all timers scam artist try to keep his low profile keeping himself away from social networking sites less expose his really intensions. This guy is known has the executor who likes to TAP the phone lines and spend long hours working over time. Ridiculous rates for truck drivers and high rates. Also has a delinquentish accent of Italian. His favorite drink option is Beers and Cuban cigars . WILLING TO GET ALL SORTS OF PROSITUTES, WITH HIS ADDICTION HE IS KNOWN as UNSTOPPABLE.. Other addiction of these 3 serious criminals is weed, cocaine, and high end alcohol. Those guys scammed hard working Americans by the millions and aren’t willing to stop. They are very abrupt, rude. They are not in the state of mind they have drug addictions. These people like to extort people out of money over the phone telling them lines are being recorded so they can’t dispute credit cards. Circle’s criminal activities see what Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie, Chris Stratton learn from the X boss Vinny Vescova he got some criminal records: We sure Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie, Chris Stratton have some criminal records based on the drug and alcohol record and crime reports.decisions.courts.state.ny.us/10jd/nassau/decisions/index/index_new/adams/2008/2008dec/017036-06.pdf.http://patch.com/new-york/smithtown/crime-report-business-dispute-turns-into-threats-routeb7771106a Company Name: 24HR REPAIRS, INC. Ceo Name: Steven Imperato File Number: 4575028 Filing State: New York (NY) Filing Status: Active Filing Date: May 9, 2014 Company Age: 4 Months Registered Agent: 24hr Repairs, Inc.Also this is the address where Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie lives.14 Clay Lane Levittown, NY 11756 Principal Address: it’s also is home address Lookup Address on Google Maps 24hr Repairs, Inc.14 Clay LaneLevittown, NY 11756 The National Consumers League maintains a Fraud Alert System (FAS) for the benefit of accredited law enforcement agencies. The FAS is designed to automatically forward complaints received by Fraud.org that meet certain criteria to the proper investigative agency. Currently, the FAS is used by more than 90 federal, state, local and international law enforcement agencies. For more information on becoming a FAS member, please contact the National Consumers League by phone at (202) 835-3323 or by email at [email protected].



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