3C Automotive & Repair, Inc

3C Automotive & Repair, Inc

3C Automotive & Repair, Inc Contact InformationPrincipal: Mr. Mike Abramov (Owner)Mr. Yefim Elikman (President) The words INCOMPETENT, SHAMELESS and DISHONEST are accurate descriptions of 3C Automotive & Repair, Inc. skokie Illinois!!. The words INCOMPETENT, SHAMELESS and DISHONEST are accurate descriptions of 3C Automotive & Repair, Inc. If I could give zero stars I would. I had never before used an independent mechanic, but a friend recommended 3C Automotive & Repair, Inc., just 5 minutes away and rated A by the Better Business Bureau. I figured I couldn’t go wrong (I should have checked YELP). I brought my car in for an estimate for replacing the brake rotors/pads. Mike being the only mechanic working that day explained that my car needed other work in addition to brake job and gave us a quote. I also needed an oil change on my other vehicle which Mike advised us to bring it in the morning since he is so too busy working on other customers cars. The next morning I brought my vehicle in for the oil change first thing in the morning, thinking I could get it done quickly and be on my way. Nope, still too busy. Mike said that he is almost done working on other customeru2019s cars and all the lifts in the shop are being used. Told me to come back in half an hour. When I came back, Mike took my keys and said that the car will be ready in 20 minutes. 30 Minutes later when I returned to the shop, I was informed that NO oil change has been done, and u201csomeoneu201d had crashed into my vehicle which was in their possession. He proceeded to tell me that it is not their fault that “someone” hit my car, even when I noticed that there were only two white vehicles in the shop when there were three when I arrived. With there being white paint transfer on the area that was damaged he still denied everything. He told me that it is not their problem that u201csomeoneu201d crashed into my car because it was parked in their back lot behind the shop and not inside the shop. Even though the car was in their possession and it was in perfect condition before I gave it to him. He claimed that they have insurance that ONLY covers the cars inside the shop. NO explanation or apology whatsoever. He told me that Yefim (the president of the company) is on vacation and he will return in 10 days and I can talk to him. When I returned to talk to Yefim, hoping that he will be honest and take responsibility for the damages; I explained what had happened and he also proceeded to deny everything. They made NO good faith effort to resolve the situation. In fact Yefim, found this situation mildly amusing, He stated that “You could have crashed the car before bringing it in to us, how do we know that this wasn’t you?” The estimate for the damages that occurred at 3C Automotive are well over two thousand dollars and Yefim, suggested to take it up with my insurance. I am convinced that both Yefim and Mike have no shame. They both sleep well at night knowing that they steal by way of deception on a daily basis. I will not be bringing my car there again. I had my brake job done at another shop by an HONSET mechanic which charged me a significant amount less then what Mike had quoted me and turns out that no additional work was needed after all. I can only hope one day they both realize that being this way is no way to live and that being honest might do them both a bit of good. Contact Information Principal: Mr. Mike Abramov (Owner) Mr. Yefim Elikman (President)

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