A Hodge auto repair

A Hodge auto repair

A Hodge auto repair Hodge auto repair, Hodges auto repair Ripped me off on repairs on my vehicle by not doing work as agreed and continued to find more wrong and adding fees for work not done at all. Upon picking up vehicle owner refused to allow me to view work supposed to be done prior to paying him in full and once we paid him we notice right away a new radiator was not installed as agreed and oil leaking from engine and he refused to listen nor refund my money and the work they done was worthless my vehicle never leaked a drop of any fluids prior to them repairing it and it has leaked so much that my engine stays covered in oil and I have to add oil once a month which it never used a single quart over 5 yrs of driving it prior to repairs done by A Hodge Auto Repair. Crittenden Kentucky!!. I had A Hodge Auto Repair tow my vehicle to have it viewed and then be contacted by them with an estimate. Alan Hodge himself contacted me and said I needed a head gasket due to it leaking and quoted me a fee of $1200 which included tow bill so, I agreed to have it repaired. I received a call from Alan a couple days later and he had said it appeared that the head had damage and he’d send it out to have it checked and would contact me shortly. Alan called back said I needed a new head and the price would now be $2600 and I reluctantly agreed after asking if anymore surprises could be involved and he sain no he couldn’t think of any. I received another call the next day and Alan said I needed a new radiator mine was clogged up and I said it’s never gave me a problem ever and he said without installing one it would void any warranty on the new head so I ask how much now and he said $3800 for everything. I told him that I’d pay him $3300 and that’s it if not then don’t install new radiator. He agreed to do it all for the $3300. Upon going to pick up finished vehicle the owner Alan Hodge refused to allow me to see or start finished vehicle without payment in full and we argued pretty hostile for approx 10 min. I eventually gave I’m and paid him in full and after payment I noticed on receipt he had not included the new radiator but the fee was still $3300 and I brought it to his attention. Alan Hodge had the nerves to state we never told you we we’re going to install a new radiator you didn’t want one and once again we argued and I got no satisfaction at all. Upon looking under the hood of vehicle I noticed oil leaking and addressed my concerns and Alan Hodge said it was from removal of old head and it would burn off in a few hours of driving. Reluctantly I left with vehicle to learn later that oil poured from my engine where they were supposed to have replaced gaskets and saturated my engine. I called Alan Hodge and he said bring it back and the gaskets would be covered but he’d have to charge me labor on repairs. I refused to allow A Hodge Auto Repair to gouge me once again and I now have a vehicle that I must put oil in once a month that never used nor leaked a drop of oil prior to the con artist and his crew worked on it. Furthermore after checking prices of the exact repairs A Hodge Auto charged me for I realized he screwed me beyond belief! I could have had a completely rebuilt engine installed for $2000 on this vehicle and a new radiator for $200 more and if I had the dealership do my work exactly as A Hodge did except correctly it would have cost me a total of $1400 for it all!! A Hodge Auto Repair and Alan Hodge the owner are certainly a fraudulent business without any doubt in my mind and I would tell anyone to avoid him at all cost.

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