A TO Z SALVAGE LMI AUTO HABITUAL REPAIR RAPIST PALMETTO Georgia!!. This is a written complaint against LMI Auto DBA A to Z Salvage located at 8215 Gullat Rd Palmetto, GA 30268 owner Mary L. Sierra. On March 16, 2018 Joe Sierra AKA “L J” the Manager of A to Z picked up my 1996 GMC Jimmy from my residence to have the engine replaced. While there, as required I prepaid for the engine by paying him $800 in cash for which i made him sign for. Even though the vehicle was already partially taken apart he told me that the turn round time for the replacement of my motor would be 1-2 weeks since it was around income tax time. The end of April I began calling because I hadn’t heard from anyone regarding my vehicle. I called and spoke with Lisa, L J’s wife and secretary she told me my car would be ready next week. The following week I went to pick up my car and yet again was told by Lisa that it would be another week before it would be ready. Feeling like I’d been given the run around I spoke to L J while I was there and he began to give me numerous excuses like he was shorthanded and was training a new mechanic and that he’d hurt his back. He promised that I’d have my vehicle by Memorial Day, which was a lie. I made several visits to the property with the police to have my car returned to me and each time he gave excuses. In order to release my vehicle he wanted me to pay the balance for labor ($550). Why would I pay for a job incomplete this is an obvious BREACH OF CONTRACT! The police were unhelpful and were use to being called to this business. They said it was a civil matter leaving me no choice but to take him to small claims court. My most recent visit with the police ended with L J telling myself and the officer that my vehicle would be ready on the 11th of July. August is just around the corner and my vehicle still hasn’t been repaired! Upon my research of this company and trying to get info to file my small claims suit I began to see that A to Z Salvage are HABITUAL LIARS AND HAVE CONSTANT DECEITFUL BUSINESS PRACTICES. They have scammed and ripped off many people including the disabled! In addition to the BBB A to Z Salvage has and continues to build numerous complaints against them on various websites. THIS COMPANY SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE ROB AND PILLEDGE IN THE COMMUNITY! L J is a fake Christian that constantly references GOD and Jesus to distract you from his devilish motives to steal and cheat you. He boasts of old military wounds to make you feel pity for him and when confronted with his deceitful practices he fakes headaches and chest pains. His wife Lisa, the chain smoking secretary aids him in his thievery with lies, rudeness not to mention she never returns phone calls. I am a single mother of 4 school aged children and need my vehicle. I can’t afford to loose$800 and my vehicle as well!!! I do not trust this company and if/when i get my vehicle back I will probably have to spend more money in order to make sure that its safe to operate. A TO Z SALVAGE NEEDS TO BE PERMANENTLY SHUT DOWN!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP STOP THESE PEOPLE FROM CONTINUING TO FINANCIALLY RAPE UNSUSPECTING CUSTOMERS.

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