AAA Roadside Service

AAA Roadside Service

AAA Roadside Service, AAA Chicago Motor Club Headquarters Failed to come out for my tow request on two occassions Aurora, Illinois!!. AAA. Gets your money upfront…but may or may not service you when called Sunday 7-29-18 at 315 pm, I called roadside emergency for I had a blow out on express way and was in a not so safe shoulder of the exit way. I had to wait, what seemed to me a ridiculously long time to reach a rep but, finally got one who said she would dispatched expedited tow for me. I asked not just for a tire change but a tow as well…I called back, on hold forever, to report no one has showed up, and was told a tow should arrive by 3:44pm…no Tow came! Called again…while on hold I received a text stating someone would arrive by 5:11pm….nothing, and even though I called back again, requesting for the call back since they stated automated, that all agents were busy, …no one ever called back… I called, again… and spoke to a “Dee” who tried to find out what happened, I was on hold so long, I thought she had forgot me…she returns and was told by the tow that they closed the call and was with the customer already, which was not at all the case, the call was transferred to Tric****e in resolution, It was now 7:55*pm or near that …and she was looking for someone to come, she could not tell me what tow company or anything about time, Sun about to set, … I finally had a person to help change the tire ..and follow me home. To be sure I made it on my partially deflated doughnut tire. I had to pay him $25.00, I ran completely out of my phone minutes due to the long holds it took waiting for a response…It was 8:22pm and still no tow arrived, so I was able to leave the roadside, due to the guy helping me. It was a horrible and unacceptable experience I was in!!…no one showed, and I lost my minutes out of pocket money, urinated on myself… I paid for a service and never received it…this is not isolated This happened to me three times now in the years I have been with AAA. I want my money back I was out of pocket for, or and a total refund of the membership fee. In an emergency a client should not have to be on hold while listening to advertisements and app options, Also, we paid for this service upfront to have when needed…only to have no one show up when that need arises!! Bottom line what do I want? I want reimbursement for the out-of-pocket expenses I incurred, $25.00, and the loss of my prepaid minutes on my phone for waiting in line for several minutes, at several call- ins and, for urinating in my pants for having been trapped in my car from 3:15p:m till 8:22p:m* *Monday morning (7-30-18) 8:47 A:M I called in and Spoke to a “Rebecca” in resolution at AAA, who stated she would mail out a claim form for me to seek reimbursement for my losses and she would include $20.00 for my out of pocket to the guy who changed my flat. I called back at 11:50 A:M and spoke to, I believe she said her name was “Gwen”, in resolution, she is understanding the issue which had taken place, So my request now was for a tow, to take my vehicle to the auto shop. (strut/ suspension system broke and blew out the tire) .*She gave me a window from the 12:01 a:m to 1:30pm but could not promise anyone would show because it was quote ” Monday and customer calls are high” *Well, I asked her to send them out… Sadly, after waiting awhile after 1:00pm, feeling like I would be dupped yet again, I took my chance on that doughnut tire and a prayer…and drove 20 miles per hour, but made it to the shop. At that time, 1:35*pm, I called AAA to cancel the tow request and they did, but when I had the rep to confirm the time it was, (1:35*pm) I realized again, they had not even dispatched a tow to my home yet or as stated. I probably would have been waiting up to the time the shop closed…. pitiful!! Paid faithful for over three years or more with this company although this no-show business has occurred twice in the past. Your Desired Resolution: Refund of the membership fee paid online $52.00 plus reimbursement for the 25.00 out-of-pocket expense paid to someone to change my flat, the total loss of my prepaid minutes, on my phone while waiting on hold for several minutes, on several call-backs. dry clean allowance for wetting my pants, not being able to get out of my car, due to where I was on the expressway shoulder. And waiting to no avail from 3:20pm to 8:22pm for AAA This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. It is our policy to allow the business 30 working days to respond to your complaint. You will be notified when the business has responded.

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