AARP Signature Motor Club, Allstate Towing, stolen Vehicle, Fraud, Thieves Northbrook Illinois!!. On Jun 28 2018 as at around 430 pm, my Jaguar broke down in the Home Depot parking lot in San Jose, CA. I’ve then called the 1 800 number for road side assistance at AARP which I have been a member of for 6 years now. The first person that I spoke with said that I still had 5 tows left, for up to 100 miles. I spoke with a woman who told me it would be $150 to tow my car because my tows were all used up. She also asked me the drop off location, I responded that I’m not sure of that yet. She then said she needed an address to put in the computer something nearby. I then gave her the address 2053 East Bayshore Rd. #89 Redwood City, CA. I said my mechanic is about 3 miles from there, I told her I don’t want my car taken there but I will get the mechanics address right away. She told me to give it to the tow truck driver. She continued to say it would be $150, so at that point I said I would like to be reconnected to AARP member services to see why I was being told two different things. I then spoke with someone else he then told me I am covered with 5 tows up to 100 miles. He said to expect the tow truck driver within 45 mins. So I waited in the next parking lot over. In about 15 to 20 minutes I received a phone call from the tow truck driver saying that he was in the parking lot. The driver put my Jaguar on the flatbed and even inspected the car so he could give me his input on the problem himself. By that time I had gotten a call from my mechanic and his address. Which was West Bay Mobile Auto Truck Service located at 1135 Harrison Ave. Redwood City, CA 94063. I had a conversation with the driver and gave him special instructions : I told him my mechanic is not there but he said to leave the key in the mailbox and park the car in the driveway if there was no room in front of his house. At this point I then gave him my mechanics name and phone number along with the address. He looked as though he stored it in his smart phone. After a couple of days I called Mike and he said he would be back in town the next day. Mike called me telling me that their was no Jaguar there and no key in the mailbox. After a few calls I was given the number to the tow truck company. The man who answered the phone was very rude, and angry. He said storage fees and towing would cost me $2100. He used the exact phrase, ” You know what you’re doing, come on lady I see what you’re trying to pull here!” It was unclear to me what he was trying to imply. He said he called me several times and that I was following the tow truck and then i disappeared. He also said that I was suppose to pay $150 for the tow because I was out of tows for my yearly membership, he then said that there was no place to park the car and I didn’t answer my phone. All of this was told to me during my first conversation with this man. I then called AARP roadside several times. I went through details over and over again with many different customer service representatives, many supervisors, and about 3 managers. The second person I spoke with suggested that I contact the police and have them accompany me to the business. When the police went with me I was told that they coouldnt report the car stolen because I handed them the key. The tow truck driver who towed my car was there. I asked him why would you tow my car to this tow yard? He replied that that there was no where to park the car. I said well why was I not called when you had an issue, or why was my mechanic not called? He said he did several times. I asked why didnt you leave me a voicemail, he said he was unable to leave a message because my voicemail wasn’t create. I had voicemail from the day before the tow, the day of, and after that. Since the 27th ofr June, i have recieved one phone call from AARP. The call was from the supervisor of customer relations from AARP. He told me there was nothing that they could do. He said they could not pay for storage fees because it had been so long. He said he would send me a $124 check for accomodation. So since this tow company stole my car, I have been carless paying for rental cars public transportation, rides, and extremely depressed. I hope that you guys can help me find a solution to this problem. Update: 2/16/2018 Since my car was stolen, I have founnd out that this business that was contracted out through AARP, did not have a business license when they towed my car. I still havent received my vehicle back. I did recieve the $124 check from AARP accomodation. Thank you

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