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About Plumbing is more about ripping people off with false advertisment. When there plumber came out to my house to check out a problem i had with my presure, he never checked the presure of the house from outside or even did any thourough investigation of the issue. He tells me i have to change the presure main valve. I had good presure in my entire house except for my master bedroom shower head. I did not buy his diagnosis for the following issues> 1-he knew all other faucets and showers in the house were fine with presure. 2-his english was limited and i could barely understand him or communicate with him. 3-he hit me with a $400 quote where the part alone for that valve costs $26.99 from home depot. 4-He talked more about where he lived near by than analyzed the problem further. 5-He seemed unexperienced and lost. So at the end of all this confusing plumber’s dead end, he asks me for $55 for coming out. I must mention here that i got this company’s number from the local phone book and it clearly advertised, “if we do not find the problem we won’t charge you” (or something of that sort). So, i didn’t think of anything and wrote the guy a check for $55 and told him i will call him in a couple of days as i wanted to think about this. He took the check, walked out the door and never gave me a reciept. So it bothered me for the next 2 days, i decided to get a different opinion and come to find out, the problem was the shower knob cartridge in the wall was bad and was not pumping the correct presure coming to it into the shower head. So i bought the part for $40 and labor for the second plumber was $100, PROBLEM FIXED, i have presure. I called About Plumbing the next day and talked to some guy, told him the story and he tells me well i will meet you half way and pay you $30 back. when i asked why only $30, he replied by telling me that the $25 was for their effort of coming out to the house (i am thinking to myself, how else is a plumber going to fix a problem if he/she doesn’t come out to the location, and the advertisment that i mentioned above.) I told the guy that his plumber was basically no help and he took my money never gave me a receipt, and on top of all that i told him of his false advertisment of no problem fixed no charge to the customer. He then said “ok, you got me” i will give you the full refund back and rudely saying “have a good one” as he is about to hang up on me before i even tried to ask of how will i get my money back. He then got a little nasty and i raised my voice at him and then he just was the most unfriendly person all of the sudden. The bottom line to my complaint is that ABOUT PLUMBING IN WOODBRIDGE, VA, is the biggest rip off and false advertiser that i have delt with. Do not get them for any plumbing service and maybe they will taste some of the consumers headaches when they are not making money during these hard economic times. RIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF

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