Accessible-business-llc Dave Turkin, Accessible Funding LLC, Dave Turkin- Accessible Business California Reseda!!. Never ever give any upfront money to David Tukin from Accessible Business, LLC. as he is not reputable. Portrays himself as money contact for investor groups- he suppossedly works out of his home in Reseda and uses a PO Box which is listed on his website. He basically invoices up front a fee for work to be performed (retainer) of $5,000 then bills at $250 per hr for work suppossedly to present your company to investor groups, He charges for time on the phone with you and the also the make believe investors. My Wife and I notified him to stop representing us and to send over an accounting of work and whom he supplied details of our company to. He insisted he was owed money, We paid the money he stated owed and still have yet to get and info, When we did get a lawyer invloved all he did was took all info sent to him from us and stats he sent it off to investors, yet when asked to submit hard outline of work performed with details and information pertaining to group he presented to he all of a sudden vanished like a ghost. Every Month Dave Turkin-Accessible Funding builled us and we have yet to see work done in over a year. Dave Turkin fake bill hours to bill you, He sucks the money out of your company/us, and If you dont agree to pay him he Claim nothing was done worng on his end and that it was us. Dave Turkin claims stuff to make you or your company look bad Example: docs invilad or docs was not handed over to him in time, or claims that you gave fake docs. He has a tag line that You need to pay him cause investors wants to see you paying him good so you can get the loan.Dave does this as a way to make or get a monthly salary from client/companies. At one point in time Dave said he was in the hospital but my wife and I was billed for $3,000 then tried to justifiy it as he has medical bills and monthly bills .Its a year now my wife and I have yet to get funded, Dave tld my wife and I in the two weeks of paying the $5,000 that we would get funded its a year now… Anyone who has gone through this with Dave please contact us on here so we can get him behind bars Dave is also a Felon and my wife and I have filled a case against him we was also told by the BBB that he should not be doing anytypes of Loans or anything pertaining to financing-funding. Beaware DAVE is a CROOK

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