adolfo munoz

adolfo munoz

Don’t stand behind there rebuilted motors,serious doubts on there competence and quality of there motors Engine World USA Houston, Texas!!. purchased a rebuilted motor from Engine World USA, Houston Texas and quickly experieanced problems from ther so-called rebuilted motor which has prohibited my installation. to start they tell you its a rebuilted motor with new internal parts and professionally assembled. they also encourage you to purchase what they call TUNE UP PARTS that suposed to include the timing component kit, water pump, oil pump. instucting you that it will only enhance your engine purchase experiance. well the only thing it has enhanced is my fustration on there lack of concern and un-professionallisum to handle any concerns affecting my installation of there so-called rebuilted motors. my mechanic quickly noticed problems with there motor to start the intake cam shafts were instaled incorectly (I.E) left cylnder head having a right intake camshaft, right cylnder head having a left intake cam shaft. well the nightmare doesn’t stop there after correcting that fiasco my mechanic notice that ther so called complete timing components did not have the timing belt tensioner or belt tensioner bearing included in there kit. hold on the fun is not over, buckle up it gets in the interest of proceding without much delay i purchased missing components to complete instalation of the missing timing belt components only to find that the belt tension will not tension to correct tolerance because they have also installed the incorrect cylnder heads on my 1999 block, installing 2002 cylnder heads on a 1999 block which has a 1/2 inch difference in hieght compared to the 1999 cylnder head’s. well ok i give up i’ll make the call in hopes of maybe it was an oversight you know we are human it happens lean towards understanding and good will. well good luck dealing with Mike Jag over there in texas, because his attidude and non willingness to accept responsilbilty is as huge as the state of texas. even when you follow there protocol in submitting a request for assistance you prepare an e-mail supported by pictures. only to waste 3 days of he’s busy he will call you back. Trying to have a phone conversation with this man the alignment of stars have to be in your favor only to be introcuced to a rude convertsation with this unwilling man telling you if you want your motor to be corrected you will need to ship it back to texas and pay all shipping cost not guaranting that you will see a properly assembled motor. when you politely ask if he can send a properly assembled motor that has already been billed to your credit card. and examine it for installation. will return his inproperly assembled motor, he quickly tells you good luck with that, in short pound sand. please my fellow consumer beware theres something really wrong in engine world usa of texas.

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