Adventure Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM AUTO DEALERSHIP

Adventure Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM AUTO DEALERSHIP

Adventure Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM AUTO DEALERSHIP AUTO DEALERSHIP Willoughby Ohio!!. DEALERSHIP:Adventure Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM; 36845 Euclid Ave, Willoughby, OH 44094;PHONE: 866-414-9624; OWNER: Evan Fineberg This is a no shame dealership putting used cars on a website with pictures and not showing what is REALLYwrong or any damage to them! I lived over 8 hours from this dealership so, there sales person did not shareeverything that was WRONG with the van in quested by a customer (me) when I called him over three separate times. I made a deposit on it $300 and when I arrived to pick it up — I pointed it out to the sales person what he did not tell me on the phone and he agreed that all was not told to me about the other conditions (Cracked windshield, car not inspected, entire back door was completed covered with RUST, engine was making a loud squeaking noise, brakes were not safe to drive home over 8 hours to Virginia because the brake pads were wore out and rotor were wrapped. If salesperson had pointed out all these things that were wrong with the car when he described to me on the phone those three different times, TRUST ME, I would not have made the trip (~14 hours on a Greyhound bus) and lost all that money ($350)for a round trip!! NO, I did not expect it to BE NEW, but a drivable vehicle and only the things Chirs pointed out to me on the phone (some rust on rocker, little on fender well, & RUN GREAT (not true) – sales person said he had the car checked out the dealer mechanic , replace a power steering hose and it was OK..(Not True–I did not see a new hose on the power steering). Additional info: I was schedule to pick up a town & country van that was not correctively pictured on auto web-site and properly described in the ad or as descripted by u201cChrisu201d the sales person “three separate times” before I made a down payment of $300.00. When I arrived–I worked with a sales person and he told me lies about the condition of the van over the phone, even after I told him I will be coming over 10 hours by car to pick it up. i made a down payment of $300.00 and paid another $350.00 out of my pocket to travel and pick it up. when arrived I notice that sales person did not tell me all of what was wrong with the van—cracked windshield, back van door was eat up with rust, brakes were not safe to drive ~10 hours back home, lose over $300.00 for the trip. I asked Chris why he did not tell me truth, he said the van was on the lift and he did not see the cracked windshield and back door rust. i was told it was illegal to sale a car with a cracked unsafe windshield. But they were selling me the van within any safety or emission inspection. When I arrived, the customer service by other’s was not professionalu2026no one else asked to help me! Just to get home, I made an offer ($300.00 less than what they were asking for it– $1,500 +$200.00 (they said it was processing fee) for a total of $1,700.00) on the van and they said no! — No counter offer….gave me the appearance of this being a cheating and lying dealership. ? I ask for a ride back to Cleveland, OH and after another hour and 1/2 hours (after asking again and again) they gave me a ride back to the Greyhound bus station to wait another 8 hours before the 12 hours back home bus ride! — All I want is the money I lost back –$350.00 for the trip up there and back home. Afterwards: I have search several u201creview websitesu201d and found many, many, many “negative” reviews about this Adventure Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM; 36845 Euclid Ave, Willoughby, OH 44094 dealership and yet they are still open…Why!

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