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AK1 Motorsports

AK1 Motorsports Chris Sales, Chris Sales of AK1 Motorsports sold me a car that didn’t last one week! Internet!!. Chris Sales aka Chris Rivera of AK1 Motorsports is a con artist and a thief. I answered his ad on craigslist for a car that didn’t even last 1 whole week. Chris smiled in my face and took my $1650.00 … I guess it was like taking candy from a baby for him. He promised the car he sold me was good and would last another year. The car didn’t even make it 1 whole week. By day 4, the car was shaking and the motor was knocking. The first thing I did was check the oil and saw the oil level was low. I added some motor oil and didn’t think much of it. The car was knocking even harder Day 5. I immediately drove the car back to AK1 Motorsports and was greeted by an extremely rude Ray. Ray informed me had added to much oil and said his guys would level it out for me and had me wait in their waiting area. About 15 minutes later, he returned with the keys and told me the car was good to go and everything was fine. The very next day, the car was still shaking and broke down. I immediately called Chris at AK1 Motorsports. He had been so available BEFORE he took my money, but now he was busy. When he did finally return my call, he started telling me it was my fault the car broke down blah, blah blah. By this time, the receptionist and Chris had confirmed their service guys didn’t adjust the oil level at all, Chris confirmed their techs didn’t touch my car, even though Ray LIED to my face and told me otherwise. Long story short, Chris had the car towed back to AK1 Motorsports and NEVER took my call again. He passed the whole thing off to Ray, since Ray was the one who lied to my face about adjusting the oil. The following week, Ray told me the motor was blown, as he continued to try to blame the whole thing on me and none of this was their fault. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: THE MOTOR WAS KNOCKING ON DAY 4… BEFORE I EVER PUT ANY OIL IN THE CAR. CHRIS SALES SOLD ME A LEMON AND TOOK $1650.00 FROM ME ON A CAR THAT DIDNT EVEN LAST A WEEK. At this point, I just wanted them to fix the car as Ray agreed, but it was all lies and smoking mirrors at this point. They kept the car for 2 week, offered me $500.00 and a free tow of the a car that needs a motor back to me. Too bad for me I guess. Never an apology or any remorse from Chris Sales…EVER. I have never had someone be so conniving and malicious the way these guys lied and lied over and over again. The utter disrespect in the way they spoke to me… knowing they were NEVER going to replace the motor. If you want to be ripped off BY AK1 MOTORSPORTS: THE DEALERSHIP ALTERNATIVE. as they like to call themselves, then by all means do business with Chris Sales and Raymund Reynaldo at AK1 MOTORSPORTS. These guys are NOT licensed Car Dealers so they have not business calling themselves “The Dealership Alternative”. I’m sure I’m not their only victim and the only person they have ripped off. If you call about a car on Craigslist in Los Angeles and you speak with a Chris from Montclair, run FAST! He is going to rip you off and disapear with your money. In the end, I ended up selling the car for few hundred bucks without the motor. Even their own tow guys said it was shame the way the took advantage of me like that. Buyer BEWARE. An expensive lesson for me. They are the BEST at lying and placing the blame on the customer when something goes wrong. Con artists, Liars and thieves.. Never again.

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