Alex Ulitsky

Alex Ulitsky

Alex Ulitsky Bigboy Diesels Buy Rite Auto Lied about condition of vehicle and illegally filed Emission paperwork. Ft. Lauderdale Florida!!. Detailed Explanation of Complaint I purchased this vehicle with it being stated that it was full operation and no issues. No damage to vehicle and was fully function able. After taking truck off trailer we tried to drive through the neighborhood. Instantly I noticed that the steering was off center a good bit and there was almost no horsepower in the vehicle. I started looking at the vehicle and quickly discovered some serious issues. I have spoken with several mechanics and they have highlighted the same concerns. The vehicle is not able to be driven due to the damage and they estimates are based on over the phone discussions and minimum fees. 1. Wrap has several points of damage. The entire wrap since it is custom must be replaced. Minimum $7500 2. Fiberglass damage. There are several points of damage in the fiberglass around wheel wells and body. Estimated $5000 3. Florida required emissions system is removed. They have cut the emissions systems out of the truck and put just a straight exhaust pipe in and muffler. By law you can’t have this. Also he sent me a form filled out by him stating that the emissions system is in place and working on the vehicle. It is gone. 4. Turbo – Turbo is generating maybe 8PSI. It should be closer to 50. Appears that the air filter is completely blocked and caused the turbo not to spin and overheated and burnt the turbo out. This is $4500 with labor minimum fee. 5. Most critical issue is the structural damage. Vehicle stabilizer bracket that attaches to frame is destroyed. it was broke from vehicle (so obviously they hit something hard) and broke it off. They welded it back to the frame and re attached. If you do this you will weaken the frame and bracket and if you hit a large bump like pot hole it can break off again. if that happens there is a high chance of death. Estimate repair cost are $12,000.00 6. Air filter was completely plugged. I have a feeling this is what burned up the turbo. NO AIR = EXTRA HEAT ON TURBO. 7. Stated the tires are new. They are quite used actually. There could be more issues with the vehicle but I can’t take it anywhere to look at. I am questioning the actual miles on the vehicle based on Air filter damage and over all state of vehicle. I fear that the miles are not correct in vehicle. The removal of the emissions system is a fraudulent event and criminal. Putting my family in danger or risk with the fake repairs to front end is over the top. You can even see that they power washed under the truck, welded and then painted over the repair to hide it.

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