All American Advertising

All American Advertising

This company contacted me because I had “won” one of the following: | 1) Brand new Cadillac Escalade or $50,000 cash | 2) 10 night Hawaiian vacation | 3) $2,500 cash | 4) 4 day 3 night Orlando vacation w/ 1 day cruise | 5) 60″ flat screen TV | All I had to do was buy $495 worth of key chains to claim my prize. Assuming it would be the Orlando vacation (hotel room and a day cruise – no airfaire) I politely replied I wasn’t interested and hung up. | The next day they contacted my again to make sure that I understood that I had won a prize, this was real, and make sure I really wasn’t interested. I again, said I wasn’t interested. | The next week a “manager” contacted me to again make sure I understood that I had “won” one of these special prizes. This time I explained that I was pretty sure the “prize” would be the Orlando vacation, and it didn’t sound like much of a prize, and I wasn’t interested. He seemed incredulous that I could be refusing this “prize”. | The next week “Derrick Kalischi” contacted me from the All American and wanted to give me one more shot at claiming my prize. I told him that I wasn’t interested in a hotel room and day cruise in Orlando. I like to vacation, but flying myself to Orlando because I have a free hotel and day cruise is not what I would call a vacation. He agreed and said that he didn’t get excited about vacation prizes either, but he was excited about my prize. He said “I don’t want to tell you to clear out your garage and make space for a new Escalade, but….” Obviously implying that I had won the Escalade, and that the prize was NOT a vacation. I finally gave up and agreed to the order. I had a choice of 200 pens or keychains. I chose the pens. I had recently made a purchase of 250 pens from a real company and paid a LOT less than what All American charged. This company is a joke and a bunch of scam artists. I wish I’d have looked them up before the order but at least I’ve got some overpriced pens to give out, and I will share my experiences dealing with them to anyone that wants to hear. DON’T do business with this company they will rip you off.

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