All Seasons Pools & Spas, Inc.

All Seasons Pools & Spas, Inc. Complaint

A shyster sold me a faulty used hot tub. I called many times and never got any return calls. No customer service at all. Miss represented sale. I purchased a used hot tub from the Sunapee division of All Seasons Pool and Spa on 5/17/11 for $1895.00. I was told that the tub was in good working order and that they had put a new pump in it. It took All Seasons a week to deliver my tub-10 miles from the store. The first night of use I noticed that the control panel on the arm area of the lounge didn’t work. And the main jet control knob-in various positions shake the whole tub violently and makes a terrible noise. 2 days after getting the tub I noticed that it leaked. At that time I called All Seasons and left a message asking for aid in fixing the tub: thoughts on what the problem could be, referrals for repairs, any form of help. We took the front panel off to look for the leak and found the plywood under the siding rotted thru from moisture. At the time of purchase All Seasons had stated that they put in a new pump, when we removed that panel we noticed that the pump did not appear to be new. Now I have realized that the thermostat doesn’t work either, the tub is always 103 + degrees even if set to 99 degrees. My poor electric bill. All Seasons has not returned any of my calls. They have totally ignored my requests for help. 5/30/11 I called All Seasons and left a message stating that they have forced my hand by not returning my calls. Please come pick up the tub and that I was canceling the credit card transaction due to the lack of customer service. I was very sweet and professional in all my requests for help with the company. 5/31/11 when I got home from work there was a phone message saying they would help me located a service agent. I returned their call and restated my call of last night. The owner got on the phone and threatened me with calling the authorities because I cancelled the credit card transaction. Then the owner hung up on me. My husband was upset with this treatment and called the company|. The owner made off that we had caused the damage to the tub and that really angered my husband|. The company wants us to deliver the tub back to them immediately!. The clerk was wonderful but the owner is not.. Now I have filed a Better Business Bureau complaint on this company- they are still ignoring me;. I also went to my local police station to disscuss this problem’. The police were going to contact All Seasons to let them know that the tub would be considered Abandoned if not picked up in the next two weeks, . Then I will hook a chain around it and drag it to the dump which is where it belongs.

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