All Star Towing And Recovery Services

All Star Towing And Recovery Services

All Star Towing And Recovery Services; Alls Star Towing; Addresses associated are: 1617 Gulley Ln, Raleigh, NC 27603; 3024 Olde Birch Dr, Raleigh, NC 27603; addition phone number 919 669-2597 Fraudulent towing practices. Impounded vehicle wrongfully and many items and tools missing. Should have been free tow as it was less 16 miles but lied and said further, demanded cash that I did not have and drove off with vehicle. Raleigh North Carolina!!. Fraudulent towing practices. Impounded vehicle wrongfully and stole personal items and tools from car. Car engine seized up at I-40 and I-540 in Raleigh, NC while on deployment for Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina. My USAA Roadside assistance sent All Star Towing also listed also as Alls Star Towing to my location. They towed vehicle 15.2 miles to Chapel Hill, NC. When we arrived he demanded $55 stating that my roadside plan only covered 16 miles. I did not have any cash and he drove off with my vehicle. No one told me there would be an addition charge. I filed a dispute with USAA after I discovered that not only had no one advised me of an overage until at location but tow was actually less than 16 miles and should have been free. A valuable computer that was issued to me by my employer was in the trunk. I paid the now $175 next day and got access to some of my personal items including the computer so I would be eligible for rehire after returning computer. I was not able to retrieve all my personal items as I was in someone elses vehicle with limited space. After I secured new transportation a few days later I went to retrieve the rest of my personal items and tags off my vehicle (Texas law) only to discover many personal items and tools were missing some of them were inside of their house. I was only able to retrieve a few items but was still missing wrenches both sets of metric and standard, umbrella, dash camera, collapsable hose, handle to floor jack, electric fan, laundry detergent. Basically, they had gove through vehicle and takent anything they wanted. USAA did refund my $175 but these lying cheats got my vehicle and personal items that I would have rather donated to a local mission. It was a classic 1993 Ford Thunderbird that up until that point had served me well. This is a cheesy operation. I had to coach him to write me a receipt as he could not write or spell very well. He would not put his name on receipt and I barely got him to put company name and address on it. The impound lot was noting more than an unsecured country lot with no gate or security. The tow truck was malfunctioning and it took him 30 minutes to load vehicle. Since I don’t know what his name was all I can provide are the addresses and phone numbers assocated with them that were provided to me. 919 669-2597 mobile; 919 832-4709 at 1617 Gulley Ln, Raleigh, NC 27603 8200 Olde Mcullers Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603. They also advertise mechanic services via a blog. They don’t have a web site. They don’t have a merchant account and had to pay cash.

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