Allen Cadillac GMC Hyundai

Allen Cadillac GMC Hyundai

Allen Cadillac GMC Hyundai STAY AWAY IF YOU DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH LIARS !!! DONT BUY A CAR !! Laguna Niguel California!!. Where do I start . Several years ago I went to buy a car. I went to Allen GMC . After being jerked around for hours long story short I left. I didnt buy a car from them. Came back again few years later thinking ok maybe they changed their ways of doing busniss . Again no such luck. Finally I was looking for a car for my wife. They had one advertised so I went to see. This time even though it really wasnt a great deal , Ita was an ok one we bought the car. I was looking for a new truck. just last week The week of sept 27th 2016. Went to the dealership after speaking to Mark the “guy claiming to be in fleet sales”. When i got there i saw the truck had everything except one thing I wanted. Long staory short I ended up contacting “Bruce” the sales guy that Mark had contact me. Let me just say none of these guys there Know anything about what they are selling. I had to do all the home work for them. Pretty pothetic. When I contacted the sales guy “Bruce” and told him look make me a good deal on that truck and I’ll take it today. Well he calls me back telling me that the best they would do on the truck which stickered for 64,000.00 was a “big discount” of whopping 2800.00. I was told that they were an “invoice” store. First let me say that when I spoke to MArk I had told him our credit scores upfront. I am In the mortgage industry and just looked at our credit that day. Mark told me that with my score he would have to see if we could get a teir one lease or not My wifes credit was perfect. Mark had also told me the payment would be around $680.00 per month with 3,000 down. The next day after speaking with a few other dealerships , I contacted Bruce. I had told him what other dealerships had quoted me. No money down and 680.00 per month on the same cost of a truck. The same extras the same denali ultr package. Bruce then contacted me sayinf now with just my wife on there with over a 700 score they would be at 850.00 a month with 5000.00 down. I was like you gotta be kidding me. Bruce said “no Mark figured it all out etc “. I told them that I’d rather buy locally but, Id go elsewhere if they didnt want to deal. I told Bruce that T***** GMC was giving me a deal dicounting the same truck from 64,000 to 59,000.and no money down and 680.00 a month. Bruce said “buy it”.Well no doubt we went ad got it that night. Funny thing is while we were there at the Lot we ran into two other people that had been at good ol’ Allen and they said that Allen GMC was rude and unprofessional. That they were just there earlier that day. Guss what Allle GMC we all got our card from T***** GMC !! They were great ! You guys SUCK !! you lie, you waste peoples time and most of all you want to “pencil screw ” everyone. Your dealership may have been around all these years , but now with the ionternet watch out !!! It can ruin your business fast to.

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