Almeda Discount Tire Service

Almeda Discount Tire Service

Almeda Discount Tire Service They ripped me off and the service is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! Houston, Texas!!. I was referred to this tire shop by my brother who claim they was pretty good in service and have great prices. I needed tires really really bad so I decided to give them a try. I have 22″ rims on my 2016 Nissan Altima with Pirelli tires. I really didn’t have the extra money at the time to pay for pirelli tires so I decided to go with a cheaper brand known as Nexen. I honestly don’t remember the guy name but he assured me that they were good tires and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. He charge me 360$ for two front tires. A couple of weeks later my car started to wobble and come to find out I had a bubble in my tire!! I honestly didn’t know what that was and my brother was the one that found it stating “They sold you a bad tire”. When I took it back to the shop the worker said it wasn’t a bad tire and that it was caused by driving the car on low pressure. By me having rims on my car at the time for over two years I always rely on my pressure light and it NEVER came on. But he insisted that’s what it was. They also stated that since I didn’t get the road hazard protection I was basically out of more money. He said he was going to give me a “good deal” though. The deal was 132$ plus I got the road hazard which was 18$ and he also added the road hazard to the other tire because he found a small bubble in it as well. I NEVER had ANY problems with my previous front tires. The tread ran pretty fast though. That was the only issue. Anyway, I didn’t have any problems until a could of months later. The other tire with the small bubble went bad. I’m back at the tire shop and he said it was caused by a dent in my rim. I had that dent in my rim for the longest because I remember when I bent it. I ranned over a rock in the road but never bust a tire nor damaged one. My insurance covered the tire and I got a new one a few days later but I had to pay him 40 dollars to fix the dent before the adjuster came out to view the tire so he wouldn’t void my warranty because of the rim. That’s what he told me. I had another similar incident like the one mentioned earlier but the only thing that was a problem was that he said that the road hazard went up to 35$. That was strange but I paid it anyway not thinking of anything out of the norm because I know prices can fluctuate in this economy. My most recent incident is the worst one yet. I had a “run flat” May 8 of this year. I got off work at 3:30pm to find my tire on flat. I have a personal pump in my car but it dont work as good as the ones at gas stations or shops. I filled the tire up and and made it to a gas station like 3 minutes away from where I was, literally. I make it to the shop and the first thing they try to do is fill it up and the air wouldn’t stay in. He took the tire off of my car and tried to air it up that way and it still didn’t work. So I had him put my dummy tire on and I made it home on that. I brought my tire to Almeda Discount Tire Service around the 11th or 12th when I was off. The first thing the guy at the shop says to me is” Kim, your going to have to get some smaller tires, the insurance people are going to think something is up because you’re always getting new tires”. I’m thinking to myself, that’s what insurance is for right?? I paid for it so why is it a big deal?? I didn’t say anything though. So YESTERDAY May 24th he called me and told me that the adjuster voided my warranty because there was physical damage to my tire! He said when I had the flat and I went to the closest tire shop they must have damage the tire as they was trying to mount it on my car. I’m not a tire technician or anything but how could they damage the INSIDE of my tire by mounting it back to my car??? This is what he told me. I wish I would’ve recorded the conversation because we would be in small claims court. I was already agitated because I was driving on a dummy tire for almost two weeks and then when he call me he tells me my insurance is not going to cover it????? He also tells me that he went ahead and order me another tire and the cheapest he can give it to me was for 160$ Mind you I paid 132$ before. At the time I didn’t remember any of the prices I previously paid and I really needed my tire. I knew I could’ve went somewhere else but he already had the tire in stock. My tires are 235/30/22 which is a custom order tire, so I would’ve had to wait a another day or so. Something told me to call Sonsio (Road Hazard Protection) and talk to the adjuster handling my claim myself. I finally get through to a rep and he pulls up my account and he tells me that there’s NO CLAIM on file for this month. Just the previous claims. HOW WAS MY WARRANTY VOIDED IF THERE WASN’T A CLAIM???? So I was transferred to another advance rep (Royce) if I’m not mistaken and she tells me not to pay for the tire and to get another location to look at my tire. She also fills me in that they don’t have adjusters that comes out to view the tires. The tire shop reports what they see and Sonsio handles everything else. Why would he lie about something like that?? So when I go to the other shop Marquise tells me that a machine damaged the tire.(tearing or ripping the beats or beads??) and that the shop should’ve given me a new tire because it can happen but it shouldn’t have been my fault. So I just took another loss. I decided to go and pay for the tire and get it over with and NEVER go back again. BTW the guy that called me and let me know that the tire was damaged because of negligence was never at the shop. He told me to come by today and he was going to show me the damage. I wish I could upload all my invoices from this place and pics of this tire. It seriously look like someone took some type of tool and damaged the tire. I get to the register and the guy says 180$ I said he told me 160$ and the said it is but cash only. What’s difference between debit/credit and cash??? You’re still getting paid!!! I heard of a debit charge but never one that was 20$ but anyway I goes to the ATM and gets the money out. Then he tells me 169$ I was fed up at this point and I just wanted to leave. I also asked him to add the Road Hazard Protection and how much will it be because like I stated earlier it could fluctuate. Guess what price he told me??? 50$!!! I just so happened look down at my invoice and said well this says 35$ and his only response was “OH” and gets back on the phone and calls the owner back. I just walks out. What a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PLACE!! Something told me to call Marquise back at Goodyear just to ask him how much would it cost for the protection and guess what he say??? 18$!!! I asked him was that always the price and do it go up, he said no. It only goes up if I get a more pricey tire. I’m SO SO SO SO agitated. I hope this place gets shut down. My mother always told me to NEVER go to tire shops on side of the road and I learned a valuable lesson. I will also never buy a cheap tire again. You get what you pay for.

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