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I adopted a dog not too long ago from a local shelter. As can be expected, he had some separation anxiety which was exacerbated by his high strung nature and pit bull breeding. We brought him home and called some trainers due to him whining constantly in his Kennel at night. Sadly no other trainer in the area would call me back or touch him with separation anxiety. I should note, that we have two cats as well and he was a perfect gentleman to them. | Thats where the “trainer”, Carrie, at Alpha Dog Training comes in. She was the one that got in touch with us and told us she would help out. That she could fix him. She even came to meet us in our house with our pup. While there, she put his leash on (leather leash and collar) and when asking for anything from him, she yanked (not pulled) the leash. He reacted okay at first, so we scheduled another session. She told us in the interim to go out and buy a choke chain. The kind with metal prongs that dig into his neck. She said it would help him listen better. Knowing nothing more, we did as told. | Her next session consisted of her continuing to use the prong collar and yelling at him in the house. She would use positive praise afterward, which we learned later just made him confused. He started getting worse in his kennel at night, so Carrie told us to withhold water at night (which we didn’t do) and put a towel over the enclosure. We continued with a few more sessions. Nothing worked and his stress increased exponentially. He started ripping the towels that had been on top of the kennel by pulling them into the kennel and pulling them apart. He would start to bark and howl in and out of the cage. He started defecating inside the house And chasing the cats around to the point that they would hide on top of cabinets out of his reach. We stopped using Carrie at that time. He then tried to escape his kennel, cause massive wounds on his nose and destroying the metal kennel in the process. There was blood everywhere. He would growl at unknown people, which he never did before. When we confronted Carrie about it, she became abusive and harassing, so we contacted the ASPCA and spoke with an officer for the report. I spoke with other dog trainers in the area and have been told that Carrie is the laughing stock of the community and no one should use her for what she does to dogs. | Sadly, we had to return him before he could further hurt himself or our cats. We are so sad about this and hope Karma bites her big time. Do not use this woman or her services. She is a fraud and an abuser.

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