Alton Welsh, W. Alton Welsh, Alton Welsh W

Alton Welsh, W. Alton Welsh, Alton Welsh W

Alton Welsh, W. Alton Welsh, Alton Welsh W Diplomat David Mark, David Mark I was received a friend request from a man named Alton Welsh on Instagram. He took me for almost 20K Georgia Atlanta!!. Alton Welsh sent me a friend request on Instagram August 9, 2018. I viewed his pictures; he looked like an all American handsome man. I accepted his request. Shortly after, I found myself communicating with him through Instagram messager. He said he was an US Army Captain in Aleppo, Syria fighting ISIS to training the Syrian military to take over once the U.S. departed. He also mentioned he was retiring from the military next month (September 2018) after 37 years of service. He requested my email since he couldnt be on this site too much. I gave him my email and a daily dialog between us developed quickly. He mentioned he was a widow, his wife died of Luekimia four years prior. He has a 15 year old son who is currently in boarding school in Sacaramento, California due to his position in the military and the loss of his wife. Alton also mentioned he was born and raised in Sacaramento. He was an only child and both of his parents had deceased (he gave me death dates for both parents). And that he has no other family, but now he only has his son and now me. On a daily basis he mentioned that he wanted to marry me once he retired and he believed that God sent me to him and that our meeting was not by coincidence. After a couple of weeks, he shared with me that the Syrian government awarded him and the other retiring captains gifts of money and gold for helping them with support and training of their military. All the other of his colleagues who were awarded these gifts and were making arrangements with their wives to send their packages to them. Since he did not have a wife and I was the only one he felt he could trust with his valuable package, he asked if I would accept it for him and that it would be delivered to me directly to my door via a u201cUnited Nationsu201d courier service and all I needed to do is accept it for him, nothing more. I said I would accept it for him but, I would not do anything illegal for him. He said he would not do anything to jeopardized his 37 years of service in the military; he emailed me proof his passport and military ID to prove he is who he said he was and reminded me that he was a u201cGodly manu201d. Alton asked me for my full name, address, phone # and passport ID as the u201cUnited Nations Courier Serviceu201d need this information to register this package to me and to insure they would be delivering it to the right person. Alton also said this package was being delivered u201cScan Freeu201d so that he could have it delivered without any issues through customs. According to Alton, the title contained in the package was labeled u201cfamily treasure and wedding giftsu201d. He message me a couple of days later and said the package was now registered to me and to remember package had a number of #8445. I also mentioned to Alton, my only daughter was getting married in a couple of weeks. Next, I receive and email from u201cDiplomat David Mark, along with his u201cUnited Nations Courier ID u201c with picture and a copy of an u201cofficialu201d document/form and a picture of the package#8445 were ready and heading to the United States that evening. his first stop to Atlanta, Georgia to deliver a couple of packages and then out to California to deliver mine. The courier, David Mark asked me to install WhatsApp, as this was the way he could communicate with me once he left Syria and updating me on his arrival to me. He sent me a picture of the Aleppo Airport and gave me his flight number. The next day I get a text message on WhatsApp from David Mark that he was in Atlanta, Georgia and the package cost $4,500 for insurance, Alton only gave him $2,500. Alton messages me on Instagram asking me for help, as he didnu2019t realize it would cost that much money. He asked if I could pay the $2,000 and that he would pay me 100% interest on that money from the package I was going to receive. Also, he would give me the code to the trunk so I could take that money out right away. Alton said he has no way of wiring money form Syria do to restrictions and laws forbidding money transfer from this country do to ISIS. So I deposit $2,000 into a Wells Fargo Acct of Felipa Lopez (Airport Customs Manager) in Georgia. Next, Courier David Mark texts me that there is a $10,000 tax fee on this boxbecause of the u201cscan freeu201d request. Once again, Iu2019m communicating with Alton, he is begging I borrow, take a loan or ask anyone for help get this money as he cannot afford to lose this package that is his future for him and his son. He said he is trying on his end for help but and also asks David Mark for help. I learn that David Mark and his wife know Alton from the u201ccamp churchu201d in Aleppo. Courier says he requested his wife put up her jewelry because Alton promised him 100% interest on whatever money they could gather. I come up with and deposit another $5,000.00 in the Wells Fargo Acct. of Felipa Lopez again. David Mark reports his wife could only get $1,500 and his friend that promised him money didnu2019t come through. So now they are short $3,500.00 to get that package out of there. There is some negotiating between Alton Welsh and David Mark with a main supervisor by the name of Bill walker ([email protected]) who is one requesting the $10,000. Alton tells me they want the full $10,000 by Friday (3 days away) or he will lose package. I again deposit the remaining money needed $3,500 into Wells Fargo Acct of Felipa Lopez. At this point I have deposited $10,500.00 into this persons acct. Now, this is the weekend my daughter is getting married. Iu2019m assuming courier is on his way to California, but he texts me a 7:00 am that his friend is wiring him money for his hotel bill and will see me on Monday. I hear nothing from Alton all weekend. Come Monday, David Mark tells me his friend let him down and did not wire him any one and heu2019s stuck there can I help him with this one more request. I said I need to speak to Alton. So, now Alton appears that he was shot in his left leg while traveling back from Damascus and one of his colleagues was killed. He said he was fine but in a lot of pain and that he was currently in the camp clinic for treatment. So now I feel terrible for these two people and wire him $1000. Through Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart to James Michael in Atlanta, Georgia for David Marku2019s hotel bill. Next, I donu2019t hear from David Mark for 24 hours, not sure if heu2019s in California. Meantime, I have Alton texting me if I have heard anything from this courier? He seems upset and said he would personally come after this man if anything happens to his package. Next, I finally get an angry call from David Mark that he was arrested boarding the plane as they detected something wrong with this package. Next, a couple of days go by and Alton is now trying to figure out what to do. I mentioned Iu2019m surprised by his high rank in the military that he does not have resources for his solution. He tells me he is actually going to talk to one of his high rank friend in the military that may be able to help. Next, Alton tells me that his connection was able to speak to the top supervisor in charge of this package and requested $20,000 to release it with out any further issues, but according to Alton, he said there is now way to come up with that kind of money, so they settled on $10,000. By now Iu2019m mentally exhausted! Next, I told Alton Heu2019s out of luck with my help. Heu2019s going to have to beg on his own. We talk for a few days as heu2019s feeling defeated, as he can no one to help him there on camp. He said he was going to reach out to other people he knows. Next, he comes up with $6,650. But heu2019s still short; I come up with another $3,350.00. I deposit $3,350.00 in a Chase Business Acct u2018 EFEnery Ltd Company. Then Alton tells me the person who was going to give him giving him the money to complete the $2,100 of the $6,650.00 has disappeared and nowhere to be found. I come up with the last $2,100 I deposited that into a Chase checking acct. for Eseoghene Flanery (same owner of the EFEnery LTD company acct. I borrowed and prayed all was going to be fine now. The next day I speak to David Mark, says heu2019s waiting for his friend to wire him $1,200 to cover his hotel bill again. Heu2019s been here for many days and has no money, the last money he had he used it to eat. The next day he says his friend did not come through. I wire him the last of the money through Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart to James Michael for $1,200. He told me not too worry anymore. All was good and he would email Alton and me his flight literary. After this, I didnu2019t hear anything from David Mark for over 24 hours. My daughter came over and was so upset, she began to research Alton by sending messages to any of the people that had likes his pictures. One lady from the Netherlands said he had was sending her love messages and said he had a 14 year old son and they would be visiting her as soon as he retired. She also mentioned the package to her and she filed a police report. She never heard from him again. Alton emailed me one more time and asked what happen to David Mark, I told him that he should know, no me! He said he was personally going after him and that he would get back to me with answers, ASAP. I never heard from him again. But, David Mark still sends me a text on WhatsApp asking if I have talked to Alton. I have said no as I am in bad health and in danger. He texts me on occasion to see how Iu2019m doing. I am no longer responding. I have kept this communication just incase there is an opportunity to catch this person. I now believe David Mark and Alton Welsh are the same person. We also learned the pictues Alton Welsh as used as himmself is actually Politician Doug Heckman (D-Norcross) 7th District.

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