American Bankruptcy Center

American Bankruptcy Center

References to this Scam Artist Henry Ihejirika of American Online Bankruptcy Center et. al.: | | | | | I fell for using this site without knowing that it is part of a ring of sites being run by a man named Henry Ihejirika from outside the country. | The site gives legal advice to consumers wishing to file bankruptcy without a US license to practice law. Henry Ihejirika does not even reside inside the US because of the plethora of civil cases which have been filed against him. He is on the run anad continues to operate these businesses from outside the US. | The site charges exhorbinant rates for document preparation, does not have a number listed to call for help (even though it claims to do so in its advertising), does not respond to email. | The document preparers do not sign that the documents were prepared by a 3rd party which is illegal. Furthremore, signing the document that has not had the 3rd-party preparation service identified exposes the debtor’s case to being thrown out for purgury! | The site provides legal advice without licensing necessary to do so. An example of such advice is exemptions for assets, which in many cases actually do not exist. This company also left assets, creditors, income, etc. out of bankruptcy documents where the debtors state that they did provide that information to the company | I was lucky enough to spot these errors and correct most of them myself through downloading the official forms and completing them myself, but it may not have been enough for my bankruptcy to not get thrown out. Many others did not spot the errors and filed using the forms solely prepared by American Online Bankruptcy Center, which will most likely not be accepted once delivered to a judge. | Within a day of filing and contacting my trustee, they asked whether I had used a document preparer, because it looked as if I had done so but the portion where the preparer is required to identify themselves had not been filled out. I told them the truth and which company I had used, and immediately I received a response that I had been scammed and that the company I had used was believed to be run by Henry Ihejirika, who has a long-standing criminal history associated with bankruptcy preparation sites. | In addition, they asked me if I could help with an investigation being run by the US Trustee / dept of DOJ. I had no idea this was so serious. | If you or anyone you know is thinking of filing for bankruptcy and is considering using a document preparer, be VERY CAREFUL. These online sites are too many to mention. I have listed all that I am aware of, but there are likely many more. | IN ADDITION, the REVIEW SITES are ALSO scams. They are simply set up by Henry Ihejirika with the intention of creating a false sense of security for those who are considering using his service. | YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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