American Dream Vacations - Houston, TX

American Dream Vacations - Houston, TX

American Dream Vacations – Houston, Texas liars, scammers, dishonest, disgusting, flooding, ruined vacation Houston Texas!!. On January 23, 2018 I called American Dream Vacations inquiring about renting a travel trailer for a family weekend trip. I spoke to a gentleman named Michael Velazquez. I had already been on their website browsing around a the different trailers, when one popped out to me. THe 26′ Spree, it was immaculate! It looked brand new, and looked like a good fit for me and my families weekend getaway. I spoke to Michael about the trailer and he assured me that everything was as it should be, so I went ahead and gave him the required $200 reservation fee. For two months my wife and kids could not wait for our upcoming weekend camping trip. Seemed like all we talked about! Our whole trip had been planned around this travel trailer, even down to reserving the spot at the camp ground. On March 25, 2015, the day of pickup, two friends and I arrived at American Dream Vacations to take delivery of the trailer with plans to head out of town with it the very next morning. I walked in and spoke to a lady, Kim, behind the desk, explained to her why I was there and explained which trailer I was to be renting. She handed me the keys to it and told me to walk out on the lot to have a look at it. As soon as I rounded the corner and saw it I knew we were going to have problems. It looked absolutely nothing like the pictures they had posted on their website. When we walked up to it there were two men trying to get the awning to close (not a good sign). They explained that this was indeed the 26′ Spree I had reserved, so I walked inside for a further look. The trailer literraly looked like it had been flooeded. Let’s face it, travel trailers aren’t built the best. Mostly composity lighweight materials and particle board. All the decals on the exterior were either peeling or gone, all the base board and door frames appeared to be rotted and falling off, the carpet was nothing I would want any of my family walking on barefoot, and there were tons of things broken and scuffed up on the inside. All the while the two men were still outside trying to get the awning to fold in (You cannot tow a travel trailer unless the awning is fully folded in). I walked back inside and explained to the lady, Kim, that there must be some kid of a mistake. That thing on their lot was not what I reserved, per their pictures online. She said “it’s just normal wear and tear” but that the pictures of it on their website were from when it was new. I told her that I didn’t want that one and asked what other options they had, so she sent me to look at a different one. It was definitely a nicer trailer, but was a lot bigger and was going to cost quite a bit more money ($300). As this point I asked to speak to a manager. After he finally finished his cigarette he walked over and asked what the problem was. I explained the whole situation to him, and his exact worder to me were “So what do you want me to do?”. I chuckled, trying to hold in my extreme anger and frustration at this point and explained to him how badly the trailer was mis-represented on their website. He explained how they do not own any of the RV’s, that they are all individually owned, and that they had just had a conversation with the ownders of this triler about its condition. But yet, they are still renting it out and taking peoples money. I explained to him that we were leaving in a few short hours to head out of town and asked what he could do for me as far as a discount or renting me the larger trailer for the same rate. Keeping in mind I was still willing to rent the thing being that I was pretty much out of options and my time constraint. He basically told me that he could knock off $10 a day on the Spree, but there was no discount he could give on the larger trailer. That was going to save me a whopping $30 on a $700 bill. I was so angry and frustrated at this point that I walked back inside to the lady, Kim, behind the desk and she explained that we would loose out $200 reservation fee due to their 90 day cancellation fee. I HADN”T EVEN HAD IT RESERVED FOR 90 DAYS!! She said that was their policy and it didn’t matter. So extremly angered, I felt best that I just left their lot before I got myself in trouble. We did still make our camping trip, but it wasn’t until I spent another $300 on a tent and other camping gear at the local sporting goods store before we could get on our way. We filed a claim with our bank to get back the $200 deposit we made. 2 months later Visa sided with American Dream Vacations because I signed a contract. Visa didn’t care that the contract stated the trailer would be in good condition, but the trailer looked like a dirty meth house. Now we are out $200 for trusting a company to post accurate pictures online. My wife attempted to resolve this with Kim at American Dream Vacations, but they are impossible to work with. Do not rent from this place, but run from them!!!!! I have tons of pictures from their website and actual pictures for reference.

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