American Furniture Warehouse [AFW]

American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] Complaint

After being very satisfied with our purchase of bedroom and living room furniture at the Denver location, we decided to buy a few more pieces from the Colorado Springs Showroom location. After opening up the box of a black bonded leather accent chair, we noticed that there were no legs. After being transferred several times and repeatedly told to look for a zipper under the chair, we politely said that there were only staples and nothing in and crook and cranny where legs could be put. The first man that was actually able to order us new legs was kind and helpful, but after the suggestion of my boyfriend to call again to double check (due to the very unorganized and uninformed people we experienced prior), we got in contact with another woman that said no such comment or note had been made on our file, and she then assured us that she correctly put in our complaint. We ordered several items on Monday that were supposed to be ready for pick up on Wednesday, and we told her that we could wait until Wednesday and then pick everything up together. I called this morning to check and see what time would be best for pick up. At 9:50 a woman answered the phone (very nice) and told me that it will be available at 10am when they open. To clarify, I specified again that we will be able to pick up all of our items due to be picked up today, and she answered yes. My boyfriend left right after, arrived at the store around 10:15am, and was told that he was a liar, and that I was a liar, because no one would have picked up the phone 10 minutes before opening. I have worked in retail my whole life and have never been called a liar, especially with phone logs as proof. After waiting for 2 hours, we were told that one of our night stands is not here and will have to be picked up another day. They also said that there were no legs for our chair, and that the only available ones are the display ones on the floor, which the clerk himself said were “damaged”, and asked us to be happy with them. After being there for 2 hours, we asked to speak to a manager. We were told there is no manager, but a store supervisor. They literally said that we had to go through them to talk to the higher up, and they all refused to give their store manager”s name! They also blatantly lied several times about the availability of our night stands. Upon arrival today, we were told that there were 2 available, then none, then one, then none again. There was an employee that handed my boyfriend one nightstand as told him that they told the employee not to give the already paid for night stand to him! Side note: when we did leave the Colorado Springs location the first time, some of our items were ready to be taken home that day (some stools and the defective chair). After my boyfriend commented about how helpful and awesome the men at the Denver location were with helping load and tie everything down so it is safe… the Colorado location told us that the stools were available still in boxes so they should not be damaged. Needless to say, they weren”t. Asking for any string or a piece of bubble wrap or folded cardboard to help protect against the bouncing was flatly denied without even making eye contact. I have never in my life been so disrespected by anyone, let alone people working in customer service. They have ruined a time in a couple”s lives that is very exciting (going and picking out furniture, setting up their 1st home) and made it into a stressful and expensive experience. I will be recommending everyone in my growing development to avoid the company all together, as well as warning potential new customers by posting on review websites such as,,,,,, .and We are so unhappy with our experience that we are returning all of our items and not even bothering to go up to Denver to buy from them. We also told the employees that we will be returning our $3, 000 worth of purchases and were told flat out to go ahead and that that”s fine… so that is what we will do. I”m already looking around at all of our furniture and my heart starts pounding reliving the unbelievable experience we received. Employees in different departments were telling us that there are always problems with the front desk people (hello! They are the face of your company!) and employees were bad mouthing customers on hold or in other parts of the store in front of other customers! All around terrible, we weren”t the only ones in there today with complaints. To the public-I say run, and take your thousands of dollars and sanity with you.

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