American Protection Corp.

American Protection Corp.

American Protection Corp. Royal Administration Services, Inc. Attempted Ripoff Via “Extended Warranty” Scam Coral Springs Florida!!. American Protection Corp. made an illegal call to me (I’m on the National Do Not Call Register) and attempted to rip me off by trying to sell me a virtually worthless “extended warranty” for my eleven year old vehicle for $3,230. The American Protection Corp. agent, Jason Moss, told me that American Protection is the company that is responsible for the manufacturer’s warranty and this would be an extension of it with exactly the same coverage and conditions which is an absolute lie. I asked him to e-mail the proposed contract. He said he will only send it to me if I make a down payment of $495. After much rudeness and excuses on his part, he finally agreed to e-mail a copy to me. After I read it, I understood why he didn’t want me to read it before paying for it. Everything he told me was a lie. Instead of being an “extended warranty,” the contract was a vey limited service contract. It contains numerous specific exclusions of a wide variety of components that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty but are not covered by this service contract. Worse, the contract contained clauses that would allow it to deny nearly any claim for repairs such as pre-exising conditions. People usually think that would only be for something that was broken before the contract was in effect. But the clause is so broad that it allows them to deny reimbursement of repairs by saying there must of been some design defect or wear if the part failed. This makes the contract virtually worthless. You’d only find that out when they denied your claim. Making matter even worse, the contract specifies that any dispute about claims be decided by an arbitrator they select and pay. That means you give up your rights to have any grievance settled in court and use their hired arbitrator. The company listed in the contract as the administrator is Royal Administrativd Services, Inc., Hanover, MA. Customer service reviews on file with the BBB indicate that 92% of customer gave the company a negative review. This percentage is much more important than the BBB’s rating since the BBB is mainly only concered that the company responded to the complaint. Don’t be fooled by high rating given to companies by the BBB. I would have been out $3,230 if i had fallen for the lies and misrepresentations of American Protection Corp. and bought their virtually worthless contract. Worse, I may not have known that the contract was worthless until I had a breakdown and had my claim denied. The company promises that they will return your money if you cancel within 30 days. However, all of these “extended warranty” scammers are notorious for not providing the promised refunds. If you ever make the mistake of making a down payment for one of these worthless extended warranties, be sure to cancel it within 30 in writing via certified mail so you can prove you did it timely. Then file a dispute with your credit or debit card company.

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