American Tire & Auto Care in Flemington, NJ 8822

American Tire & Auto Care in Flemington, NJ 8822

American Tire & Auto Care in Flemington, NJ 8822 American Tire & Auto Care Shoddy work could lead to the death of your loved ones! Flemmington New Jersey!!. There negligence could have killed my 17 year old son and his girlfriend. There shoddy work may just kill your loved ones. I took my son’s 2002 F350 SuperDuty to AMERICAN TIRE AND AUTO CARE IN FLEMINGTON for a front end alignment on Jan 30 2015. This is a big truck and they were local and could fit the truck on their rack. On April 9th I sent my son a text because he was a late coming home and I started getting worried. He called me right back very upset. He and his girlfriend had just left a Burger King off Route 46 and when he made the turn from the parking lot entering the highway, the front tires went in opposite directions.The left front wheel was no longer connected to the steering wheel. I had the truck towed back to our home and look under to see what had happened. It seems that the mechanic that did the alignment forgot to tighten the 2 bolts on the tie rod adjusting sleeve that connects the tie rod to the center link. Because the bolts were loose, (you could freely spin them by hand,) the tie rod end pulled out from the center link and the left front wheel was no longer connected to the steering wheel. Moments before he pulled off for a bite to eat, he was on a major highway doing 60 miles an hour. If this had let loose a few minutes earlier, I would have 2 dead kids on my hands. I kept my son out of school the next day and we returned to AMERICAN TIRE AND AUTO CARE IN FLEMINGTON NJ. I explained to them what had happened and showed them pictures of the damaged parts on the truck. Ken seemed a little smug and said we’ll see. They towed the truck back to their shop and replaced the damaged parts. When I picked up the truck, I spoke to Tom about the damaged Left Front Tire. It was scuffed and worn unevenly on the inside of the tire. Tom said he would speak to the manager Ken and call be back on Saturday. The call never came. I called back on Monday and spoke to Tom again, he said Ken hadn’t decided what he was going to do and it had cost them more then they expected for the tow and the parts and would call me back. I reminded Tom it was their fault these parts were damaged and be thankful no one died. Ken called back a few minutes later and said he wasn’t paying for the tires and said they were like that. I explained AGAIN that the reason for the alignment was due to the Ice storm in January, my son had slid into a curb and I immediately brought it in for an alignment. These tires were not worn when I brought this in the first time. Both Tom and Ken cried about how much money it cost them to replace the parts and the one tow on the truck. They only seem to worry about money. Because of their negligence, we could be having two funerals for two teenagers that did nothing wrong, except stop for a bite to eat. I gave them a chance to right this before I wrote this review, but they didn’t care. I even tipped the mechanic when he did the alignment back in January.

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