American Tire Depot

American Tire Depot

American Tire Depot American Tire Depot HuntBeach2 RIPOFF!!! LIARS!!! CHEATERS!!! THIEVES!!! Huntington Beach California!!. I brought my car in to American Tire Depot (ATD) on Saturday for wheel alignment and tire rotation, then received a call within the next hour stating that in addition to those services all front and rear struts needed to be replaced for $1100 total, and that my rear brakes needed new pads and rotor resurfacing for $210 total, and that I also needed all new tires. This surprised me because my car has less than 50K miles, the tires are new with only 10K miles, I already had all the brakes done not that long ago, and more significantly I had taken my car to the Subaru dealer for some warranty work including a complete inspection only 3 months prior. The dealer made no recommendation for any of that “extra” stuff. So I authorized ATD to do the alignment, rotation, and take care of the rear brakes only. A couple hours later I came to pick up the car and before being checked out the tech came out from back to say that my car wouldn’t be ready until Monday because there wasn’t time to do the alignment, but Art the service writer immediately said it had be done so I didn’t need to worry. Today while driving to work on the 405 South it became immediately obvious that the alignment was not done at all as the car continued pulling severely to the right just as before with zero improvement, so then I took a closer look at the tires only to find they clearly had not been rotated either, and then I was shocked to discover there was a missing part (caliper clip) from the left rear brake assembly. I took my Subaru to the dealer today to have everything inspected after such a terrible experience, and they also quickly confirmed that the brake rotor resurfacing was done very poorly if at all, but I will know more tomorrow after they go through everything. In addition, the TPMS light came on mysteriously after I left ATD. I was also charged $109.99 for cheap brake pads by ATD even though the original Subaru OEM parts are only $75 and the most expensive aftermarket parts I could find are only $25-$40 tops. In summary, ATD charged me for work they did not perform (alignment and tire rotation), broke or lost a critical safety component on my car and did not inform me (brake caliper clip), recommended unnecessary work (struts, brakes, and tires), and grossly overcharged me for basic parts. Lastly, I went to ATD to try and resolve these issues today before taking my car to the dealer, but the manager, Art, lied, became very defensive, lied more, and started double talking when I stated the facts. The conversation is recorded, I brought my son with me as a witness, and especially after Art’s poor handling of my complaints there is no way I would let those incompetent dishonest people at ATD ever touch my car again. I then simply asked for a refund for at least the work that was not performed (alignment and rotation), I asked him repeatedly to come outside and look for himself at everything I was saying but he would not, so he basically told me to leave after being extremely rude to my son who was being very polite. Absolutely worst most dishonest car repair experience in my almost 30 years of driving and owning cars. The Bureau of Automotive Repair will be contacting them soon, I’ve made sure of that, but don’t make the same mistake I did before justice prevails. Buyer beware!!

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