American Truck group, LLC

American Truck group, LLC

American Truck group, LLC American Truck Showroom American Trucking Funding This company operates under unlawful, unethical business practices and shouldn’t be allowed to make money off drivers anymore!! Gulfport Mississippi!!. This is the second complaint we have had to make with this company. To start, they “remedied” our first complaint by giving us a new piece of crap truck but said they were going to give us 4 weeks with no payments but only gave us 3 weeks. With our first payment (which was due 6/26/15 in their system- again not 4 weeks) on the new truck, we were according to them “late” because they were supposed to give us 4 weeks no payment to remedy the last crap they made us go through but only gave us 3 . After a lot of debate we were given until 6/29/15 that following Monday to make the payment(still not 4 weeks). For our second payment, they refused to give us till the next Monday to make the payment so in turn that payment was “late”. They did according to the contract and charged us a late fee of around $50 which again we didn’t agree with due to the response they made to the BBB but paid it anyway. In addition, they said they would fix any issues with the new truck but continues to refuse to help pay as they said they would and as they told the BBB. The truck has a written 7 day warranty so if anything is wrong within the 7 days they should fix it with no cost to us. We told them the truck had an exhaust problem within this time frame. Toxic Exhaust fumes were blowing in the cab causing us to feel light headed and dizzy while driving. Instead of fixing the issue, they exhausted the whole 7 days having the truck in the shop, not fixing anything and having us bring it back with the same issues. So then, we found the issue ourselves and had to buy a part that cost about $500 and they only gave us half of the cost back in the form of a credit on our $718 weekly payment. Then the shop in Mesa wrote in their notes that we were trying to get free work done as if what Ralph (manager) said and wrote to the BBB and the 7 day warranty was null and void upon taking possession of the new truck. As of 7/29/15, we have been broken down again, we called their breakdown department which was very hard to get ahold of who told us to get a 2 hour diagnostic done and call back, which cost us $90. After we had the diagnostic done, the shop told us the truck had produced 3 pages of codes and that they couldn’t fix it with so many issues. The shop said we needed to take it to the manufacturer for repairs. 3 pages of codes on the diagnostic is ridiculous! We then sent breakdown the results of the diagnostics and they said since we weren’t at one of their shops they couldn’t tow us to one of their shops or help us with cost of the repairs. Which again as part of this “program” we are to receive 500 miles of tow and they were supposed to pay half of the repair bill which we again were refused ( like our first complaint). Knowing that we are dealing with crooks we came to terms with the fact we were going to have to pay for these repairs that will probably cost us thousands of dollars. We have been dealing with so much from this company, that we weren’t surprised that they would go back on their word again and we just were going to take the loss and move on. Today 7/31/15, a payment is due for $718. Something happened to our paperwork and we did not get paid from the company we work for and we in turn do not have the payment. Therefore, when Liz our horrible and most rude customer service rep we’ve ever worked with called for the payment like she does every week, we explained our situation and that we wouldn’t be able to pay till next week. We thought it would be fine since in the contract it states that we are just going to be subjected to a late fee (which we would have paid). Instead, they are going against the written contract and making up rules as we go saying since it’s the end of the month, there is no leeway, we can not make our payment late and they are going to call the shop and tell them not to release the truck to us until we make a payment. Nowhere in the contract does it say that there can’t be any late payments at the end of the month. I couldn’t believe this response from them and that they would stoop this low and make up something that is not in the contract. They continue to lie to us and the BBB and threaten our business and we are sick of it. This company is a crooked company!!. You pay them double the amount you could pay for the truck in exchange for what the sales person told us was a “program” to help absorb some of the unexpected cost that comes with owning a truck. However, anytime you need help they NEVER help you in the way they say they will. They make up rules that aren’t even in the contract. They reference the contract when its convenient for them but when we said its not in the contract that if your late on a payment you can take the truck there is supposed to be a late fee which is written in the contract, their response is “the truck is in our name so we can do what we want”. So according to them they can do what ever they want even if its not written in the contract because they truck is theirs or “in their name”. I guess their motto is who cares what the law says!! This is against the law!!! We are good people trying to start a business and I don’t know how these customer service reps, managers, and the owner of this company go to sleep at night from the way they treat and talk to people. We have recorded our service rep just to have proof of the way she talks to people. We are so tired of being robbed by this company and since they are not going to release the truck back to us they can pay for the repairs and give us our money back. I doubt their is an ounce of integrity left in this company. We have learned our lesson and refuse to let them rob us of our hard earned money anymore. They want drivers to take possession of their trucks “that’s in their name” as Liz said, charge them double and have the driver spend thousands of dollars fixing their trucks the whole time and not help pay for anything like the contact says they would and then unlawfully take the truck back from them. Now who’s trying to get free repairs?? With enough complaints they should not be able to operate anywhere anymore!! We feel that it our responsibility to let as many drivers know the facts about this company. They operate under unlawful, unethical business practices and shouldn’t be allowed to make money off drivers anymore!!

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