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After calling the number to ask about the program that was being offered to me. I set up an appointment just like the person did below. I hung up the phone not feeling very comfortable. I then went on line to read reviews of this company. I was shocked because everything that the person described in the below paragraph was exactly how I felt. I then decided to call and cancel the appointment. What a nightmare that was! The guy on the phone would not let me get a word in. He would talk over me. Arguing and insisting that I an not rely on the internet reviews. He argued and argued insisting that I have been misinformed. The lack of professionalism made me feel otherwise. This company is nothing more than a pressure sales cooker using telemarketing tactics. Please don’t waste your time calling these people. they will not answer any of your questions. They want to do a face to face so they can have the advantage of persuasion. HARASSMENT MORTGAGE COMPANY SHOULD BE THE NAME OF THIS COMPANY! The below statements are not mine. But it was so similar to how I felt I had to copy and paste. I got a solicitation notice in the mail for a ‘VA Mortgage Payment Reduction Program’ with phone number [protected]. I called to find out details about what the current rates were and to get a good faith estimate. They asked for my current loan balance and interest rate. They told me that I could save $390.00 per month but could not give me any details as to fees, points, etc. over the phone. They said they only take applications in person and that they would send a loan officer to my home. I specifically asked if this was a fixed rate loan, with no adjustments in interest rate after some initial period. I was told that it was a fixed rate loan. They told me that the loan officer would provide full details. They said it would take only about 15 minutes and it would be no pressure. I scheduled an appointment for the next day. They guy showed up right on time for our appointment. I asked for some specific information regarding term of loan, points, fees, but was told that all my questions would be answered during his presentation. First red flag was that although I was told on the phone the day before that this was a fixed rate loan, it turned out to be a hybrid loan. The initial low rate was only guaranteed for 38 months, after which it became a variable rate loan. No other options were made available. After his hour long presentation, it was clear to me that the promise of significant savings was misleading. The points, fees, etc would add a significant amount to the existing loan balance, such that at the end of 38 months, the balance on the new loan would be about the same as it would have been under the current loan. Any savings after that point were not guaranteed. After a round-about way of getting the information, I said I wanted to do my own calculations (I am an accountant) and that I would make a decision within a few days and get back to him. He then asked if he could have his manager talk to me, using my phone. The manager spent more of my time trying to convince me to submit an application on the spot. I was not given the opportunity to keep any of the paper with the calculations the loan officer had made. In my opinion, this company is using misleading tactics to sell their product. As an accountant it was easy for me to see the bottom line for me. This product may work for some, but do not rely on the sales pitch to make your decision. Do your own math. Other mortgage companies I have dealt with have always been willing to fully answer questions as well as provide a good faith estimate without the hassle of sitting though a sales presentation. The loan officer was polite, but it was a waste of time, because I was not told initially that this was not a true 30 year fixed rate loan.

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