AMIGO TIRES They took a Quote from $780/80 and turned it into $$1,188, which after financing is going to be $2,376 Las Vegas NV!!. OMG , WHAT A SCAMM I really thought this was going to be a GREAT PLACE TO GO. Boy was I mistaken and then some….. This Manager / Owner is a SCAMMER…. Look at the Via Text messages and tell me what you see and then look at my supposedly detailed bill… I was led to believe I would be paying $780.00 for all (5) Mounts and $80.00 for REAR Axle…. Come to find out all that change because the knuckle head didn;t know what he was doing from the beginning… You know if you GOOGLE about my vehicle you will find all the information you need to know, even I knew what my vehicle needed……0.0..4.1342.19263.5-19j4j3….2..0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0j0i22i30.fuRiCadF1Nc That’s right people, now he’s saying he quoted for (4) mounts really? Look at my Link you idiot and if that’s the case your saying you didn’t know what you were quoting because not only do you not know what your doing but then my TRUCK SAT FOR ANOTHER DAY, waiting on a part. When I originally the mechanic, before bringing my vehicle there would it have to sit and wait for parts and was told NO. That’s how much they care about following up and making sure your not inconvenience….. LONG STORY SHORT I EXPECTED TO PAY $780 FOR THE MOUNTS AND $80 FOR BRAKES & ROTORS. KEEP MIND IN MIND HE TALKED ME OUT OF USING THE DURALAST FROM AUTOZONE. SO, I SAID OK JUST GET THE BRAKES HE WAS TALKING ABOUT EARLIER THAT WAS CHEAPER. THEN TURN AROUND AND CHARGE $ 80 FOR BRAKES ARE YOU CRAZYYY… The company they use for financing is GREAT but there’s a $40 something charge and the interest is 100% of your balance, which i was told later… Non one explain anything to me I had to call them and Follow Up, so the $1,100 is going to be $2,200 something, which i wasn’t expecting … He says I signed paperwork YES, after I got to the office and the automobile was 70% done, what was I going to do? Leave it like that and guess what I didn’t sign a detailed bill showing a breakdown of cost or anything just a total balance… THAT’S HOW I KNOW HE’S A SCAMMER. A LEGITIMATE COMPANY WILL GIVE YOU THE BREAKDOWN AND EVERYTHING TO ENSURE YOUR TRUST WITH THEM…. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. MY FATHER IS A MECHANIC AND HE SAYS THEIR A RIPOFF….

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